Cult film actor Beach Dickerson, who appeared in films including “Crazy Mama” and “The Trip,” died in Los Angeles Dec. 7. He was 81.

 Born in Glenville, Georgia, Dickerson spent much of his career working on films for Roger Corman. His first appearance was in “Attack of the Crab Monsters,” for which he also worked on special effects.

Dickerson was also known a a mentor, and rented properties in L.A.’s Laurel Canyon to dozens of actors including Corbin Bernsen, Jennifer Aniston and Tea Leoni.  

 He appeared in films including “Rock All Night,” “Sorority Girl,” “Teenage Cave Man,” “T-Bird Gang,” “Creature From the Haunted Sea,” “The Savage Seven,” “Summer School Teachers,” “Capone,” “Cocaine And Blue Eyes,” and “Future Kick,” released in 1991.

 On TV, he appeared in “The Greatest American Hero,” and “The Fall Guy.”

 He also served as producer on “Shell Shock,” “Gun Runner” and “Angels Die Hard” and served as production associate and assistant director on several of the films in which he appeared.

He is survived by a son. Donations may be made to the Amanda Foundation, 351 N. Foothill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210.