‘Ballroom’ swings in Tribeca

Fest auds go 'Mad' for docu

Tribeca Wednesday was for the Muppets (“The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz”); Friday was for the dancing moppets of terp docu “Mad Hot Ballroom.”

The after-party at Tribeca Cinemas included showcasing of steps from pic’s principals (literally) and pint-sized stars. So even if their filming days are over, none of the hoofers has forgotten the moves. “You can still see me twirling around the house, or if a song comes on, I’ll start dancing,” said swing expert Tara Devon Gallagher.

Indeed, whenever old-school music cued up over the speakers, the kids paired off, one hand on shoulder, one hand on hip, as if hearing Pavlov’s bell.

Paramount Classic’s Ruth Vitale and David Dinerstein also took turns on the dance floor along with director-producer Marilyn Agrelo and scribe-producer Amy Sewell.