Tuesday’s premiere of helmer Gregg Araki’s “Mysterious Skin” encountered one debacle after another.

Skedded to unspool at 8 p.m., pic didn’t start until just before 9, due to ArcLight Cinemas’ malfunctioning fire alarm system, which went off three times.

At the after-party at White Lotus, bouncers gave the film’s underage stars Brady Corbet and Michelle Trachtenberg a hard time before letting them through the doors.

Apparently the MPAA doesn’t want Corbet or anyone his age coming through theater doors, either.

The MPAA had given the pic — which follows the intersecting lives of two sexually abused young men — an NC-17 rating, which Araki nixed, opting to release the pic unrated instead.

“I really wanted the film to be R-rated, but I wasn’t willing to water it down or change it because it was so important to be faithful to the novel,” said Araki.