1953: H’wood’s least cooperative

HOLLYWOOD WOMEN’S Press Club nominees for least cooperative actor: Frank Sinatra, Dale Robertson; least cooperative actress: Doris Day, Esther Williams; most cooperative actress: Virginia Mayo, Dale Evans; most cooperative actor: Roy Rogers, Martin & Lewis, Jeff Chandler … John Wayne put in a bid for Louis (“Hondo”) L’Amour’s “Showdown at Yellow Butte,”which hits the stalls this week … Eva Gabor gets back from Gotham Sunday to start gabs with her sisters for their Dec. 28th act which Herbie Baker will write for the Last Frontier (Current note, Zsa Zsa is living at home in BevHills but still shunning public appearances) … Among the lyrics brought up to date for the 1954 version of “Student Prince” — “Hey boys, let’s all be gay boys,” is now “Hey boys, let’s have a beer boys” … Lucille Ball’s great grinds and bumps from the RTRA show are still reverberating around the Palladium’s walls … When Peggy Lee recuperates, she’ll join Marge and Gower Champion on a cross-country tour … Alfred Hitchcock admits “Rear Window” is the most difficult film he’s ever shot.

I’D NEVER know it — Hitchcock always invited me to sit alongside him just off camera as he almost silently offered suggestions to the actors. When I asked him how he decided which properties to film, he answered, “You’ve got to make a get-them-out-of-the kitchen movie.”