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‘Reading’ inspires Emmys

PBS picks up 9 nods; ABC, CBS tie with 7

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NEW YORK — PBS led all nets with nine nods at the National Television Academy’s 32nd annual Creative Craft Daytime Emmy Awards, presented during simultaneous ceremonies Saturday in New York and Los Angeles.

ABC and CBS tied with seven awards each.

Of the PBS kudos, four went to “Reading Rainbow”: single camera photography, special class directing, single camera editing and writing in a children’s series.

Daytime Creative Craft Emmys were presented in 41 categories; all except those for individual achievement in animation recognize a group effort and are chosen by a panel of their peers.

Toon bloom

Animation honors, chosen by a jury for a single episode or series, went Ellen Jin Over, color director for PBS’ “Jakers! The Adventures of Piggly Winks,” and Rossen Varbanov, storyboard artist for Disney Channel’s “Brandy & Mr. Whiskers.”

Leading the Alphabet was sudser “All My Children,” which drew four Emmys: sound editing, music direction and composition for a drama series, multiple camera editing for a drama series and makeup in a drama series.

CBS sudser “As the World Turns” took three nods:hairstyling for a drama series, art direction/set decoration/scenic design for a drama series and casting director in a drama series.

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show” led syndicated fare with three Emmys apiece. PBS’ “Sesame Street” also took three Emmys.

Other shows with multiple Emmy wins were PBS’ “Jakers! The Adventures of Piggly Winks,” syndicated “Live With Regis & Kelly,” ABC’s “One Life to Live” and CBS’ “Bold and the Beautiful.”

Disney Channel led cablers with three Emmys, beating NBC, which trailed the broadcast nets with two awards.

And the winners are…

Individual achievement in animation
“Brandy & Mr. Whiskers” — “The Monkey’s Paw” (Disney); Rossen Varbanov, storyboard artist
“Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks” — “Milk Melodrama” (PBS); Ellen Jin Over, color director

Children’s animated program
“Peep and the Big Wide World” (TLC); Kate Taylor, executive producer; Jessica Hanlon, executive producer; Melinda Toporoff, supervising producer; Vince Commisso, senior producer; Marisa Wolsky, producer; Geoff Adams, producer; Kai Pindal, pro-ducer; Paul Higgins, coordinating producer; Steven Jarosz, coordinating producer; Rick Marshall, director; Deb Toffan, director; Kathy Waugh, head writer; Joe Fallon, writer

Special class animation program
“Rolie Polie Olie” (Disney); William Joyce, executive producer; Michael Hirsh, executive producer; Scott Dyer, executive producer; Corinne Kouper, executive producer; Guillaume Hellouin, supervising producer; Pamela Lehn, supervising producer; Susie Grondin, producer; Eric Flaherty, producer; Christophe Archambault, producer; Mike Fallows, supervising director; Ron Pitts, director; Bill Giggie, director; Nadine Van Der Velde, writer; Steve Sullivan, writer; Alice Prodanou, writer; Robin J. Stein, writer

Art direction/set decoration/scenic design
“The Oprah Winfrey Show” (Syndica-tion); Tara Denise, production designer; Angelo Petratos, production designer; Matthew York, scenic designer; Sean Post, scenic designer
“Sesame Street” (PBS); Victor Dinapoli, production designer; Bob Phillips, art director; Mike Pantuso, art director; Pete Ortiz, art director; Nat Mongioi, set decorator

Art direction/set decoration/scenic design for a drama series
“As the World Turns” (CBS); Patrick Howe, production designer; Tim Goodmanson, art director; Dennis Donegan, set decorator; Catherine McKenney, set decorator; Karen Hlipala, set decorator; Paul Hickey, set decorator
“The Young and the Restless” (CBS); William Hultstrom, production designer; David Hoffmann, art director; Joseph Bevacqua, set decorator; Fred Cooper, set decorator; Andrea Joel, set decorator

Casting director for a drama series
“As the World Turns” (CBS); Mary Clay Boland, casting director

Single camera photography (film or electronic)
“Reading Rainbow” (PBS) ;Jimmy O’Donnell, director of photography

Costume Design/Styling
“Scott Hamilton & Friends With Michael Feinstein” (NBC); Jef Billings, costume designer

Costume design for a drama series
“The Bold and the Beautiful” (CBS); Birgit Muller, costume designer

Directing in a game/audience participation show
“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” (syndication); Matthew Cohen, director

Directing in a talkshow
“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndication); Lenn Goodside, director Michael Dimich, director

Directing in a service show
“Easy Entertaining With Michael Chiarello” (Food); Natalie Gustafson, director

Directing in a children’s series
“Sesame Street” (PBS); Ted May, director; Emily Squires, director; Victor Dinapoli, director; Ken Diego, director; Lisa Simon, director; Jim Martin, director

Special class directing
“78th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” (NBC); Gary Halvorson, director

Single-camera editing
“Reading Rainbow” (PBS); Juantxo Royo, editor; Michael Chomet, editor; Tony Breuer, editor

Multiple-camera editing
“The Oprah Winfrey Show” (syndication); Michael Mabbott, senior editor; John Strolia, senior editor; Judi Bushala, editor; Neil Coleman, editor; Tim Drover, editor; Jay Eckensberger, editor; Dan Fisher, editor; Chuck Floramo, editor; Kevin G. Gist, editor; Richard Hemmingway, editor; Laurence Jacobs, editor; John Kilpatrick, editor; James S. Pilarski, editor; Tom Pyers, editor; Larry Sexton, editor; Michael D. Sherry, editor; Daniel G. Towell, editor; Eric A. Will, editor

Multiple-camera editing for a drama series
“All My Children” (ABC); Barbara M. Simmons, editor; Shirley Simmons, editor; Anthony Pascarelli, editor; Barry Gingold, editor; Roger Haenelt, editor; Stephen Cali, editor; Robert Frazier, editor

“Live With Regis & Kelly” (syndication); Diane D’Agostino, hairstylist

Hairstyling for a drama series
“As the World Turns” (CBS); Theresa Marra Siliceo, head hairstylist; Lillian Cvecich, hairstylist; Veronica Bakalenik, hairstylist; Elena Roulenka, hairstylist

Lighting direction
“The Oprah Winfrey Show” (syndication); Tara Denise, lighting director; Sean Post, lighting director

Lighting direction for a drama series
“Guiding Light” (CBS); Tony Girolami, lighting director; Brian W. Mcrae, lighting director

Main title design
“The Bold and the Beautiful” (CBS); Suzanne Kiley, title designer

“Live With Regis & Kelly” (syndication); Michelle Champagne, makeup artist

Makeup for a drama series
“All My Children” (ABC); Robin Kaiser, makeup artist; Pat Moore-Theis, makeup artist; Deborah J. Steele, makeup artist; Sheri Kornhaber, makeup artist

Music direction and composition
“Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks” (PBS); Stephen Marston, composer

Music direction and composition for a drama series
“All My Children” (ABC); Terry Walker, music supervisor; Jerry Pilato, music director; A.J. Gundell, music director/composer; Gary Kuo, composer; Dominic Messinger, composer; RC Cates, composer; John Wineglass, composer; Brian Comotto, composer; Loris Holland, composer; Brian Tarquin, composer; Kim Oler, composer; Peter Fish, composer; Tom Spahn, composer; Jim Klein, composer
“One Life to Live” (ABC); Paul S. Glass, supervising music; director/composer; Daniel Krausz, music director; David Nichtern, composer; Dominic Messinger, composer; Dave Marino, composer; Lee Holdridge, composer; Jordan Lieb, composer; Kevin Bents, composer; Bette Sussman, composer; Michal Towber, composer

Original song
“Crown Heights” (Sho); Song Title: “Sim Shalom” Aaron Zigman, composer/lyricist; Alex Brown, lyricist

Pre-school children’s series
“Sesame Street” (PBS); Dr. Lewis Bernstein, executive producer; Kevin Clash, co-executive producer; Carol-Lynn Parente, senior producer; Karen Lalacci, producer; Melissa Dino, producer; Tim Carter, co-producer

Children’s series
“Reading Rainbow” (PBS); Twila C. Liggett, executive producer; Levar Burton, executive producer; Orly Wiseman, supervising producer; Nicole Silver, supervising producer; David C. McCourt, supervising producer; Ed Wiseman, producer; Sudie Anning, producer; Nan Schweiger, producer; Donald Boswell, producer; Pamela Johnson, producer

Children/youth/family special
“Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks” (HBO); Richard Cohen, executive producer; Robert Hudson, producer; Bobby Houston, director/writer

Service show
“Martha Stewart Living” (syndication); Martha Stewart, executive producer; Linda Corradina, executive producer; Lisa Wagner, senior producer; Lucinda Scala Quinn, coordinating producer; Suzanne McGrath, coordinating producer; Doug Wright, coordinating producer; R.E. Altman, producer; Mara Altschuler, producer; Barbara Fight, producer; Laurie Hepburn, producer; Lenore Welby, producer; Greta Anthony, producer; Jocelyn Santos, producer; Ann MacMullan, producer; Elena Ferretti, producer; Mark Ski, producer; Judy Morris, producer; Ronit Tarshis, producer; A.J. Boles, line producer

Special class series
“Starting Over” (syndication); Jonathan Murray, executive producer; Mary-Ellis Bunim, executive producer; Millee Taggart-Ratcliffe, executive producer; Jim Johnston, co-executive producer; Linda Midgett, co-executive producer; Joan O’Connor, co-executive producer; Francesca James, producer; Jeannine Denholm, producer; Erin Paullus, producer; Ben Greenberg, producer; Peter Steen, producer’ Tracy Whittaker, producer; Adriane Hopper, producer; Jeanine Cornillot, producer; Lisa Weiss, producer; Susan Baronoff, producer; Joseph Alonso, producer; Peggy Murphy, producer; James Gavin Bedford, producer; Brandon Wilson, producer; Andrea Bailey, producer; Rubye Wilson, producer; Kathy Wussler, producer; Stephanie Tomasky, producer; Pam Lewis, producer; Sylvia Maldonado, producer; Jonathan Reiner, producer; Jeniene Phillips Birks, producer; David Wallach, producer; Mark Niedelson, producer; Alex Miltsch, producer; Guido Verweyen, producer; Sarah Pillsbury, producer; Roger C. Memos, coordi-nating producer; Pat Lofthouse, coordinating producer; Cliff Grant, line producer; Rana Walker, co-host; Rhonda Britten, co-host; Iyanla Vanzant, co-host; Dr. Stan J. Katz, co-host

Special class special
“9/11 Memorial From Ground Zero” (syndication); David Stern, executive producer; Annette Jolles, supervising producer; Denise Graap, coordinating producer; Susi Wuennenberg, coordinating producer; Leonard Laxer, producer; Susan Pomerantz, producer

Sound editing– live action and animation
“The Batman” (Kids WB); Tom Syslo, supervising sound editor; Timothy J. Borquez, supervising sound editor; Keith Dickens, sound editor; Jeff Hutchins, sound editor; Doug Andorka, sound editor; Eric Freeman, sound editor; Daisuke Sawa, sound editor; Roy Braverman, sound editor; Mark Howlett, sound editor; Mark Keatts, dialogue editor; Mark Keefer, dialogue editor; Mike Garcia, dialogue editor

“Xiaolin Showdown” (Kids WB); Tom Syslo, supervising sound editor; Timothy J. Borquez, supervising sound editor; Daisuke Sawa, sound editor; Doug Andorka, sound editor; Eric Freeman, sound editor; Roy Braverman, sound editor; Jeff Hutchins, sound editor; Brian F. Mars, sound editor; Mark Howlett, sound editor; Mark Keatts, dialogue editor; Mark Keefer, dialogue editor; Kerry K. Brody, dialogue editor; Mike Garcia, dialogue editor

Liveand direct-to-tape sound mixing
“The Ellen Degeneres Show” (syndication); Terry Fountain, production mixer; Billy Sherry, sound effects mixer

Live and direct-to-tape sound mixing for a drama series
“All My Children” (ABC); Charles Eisen, production mixer; Dominick Maldari, production mixer; RT Smith, re-recording mixer; Ashley Victor Howe, c.a.s., re-recording mixer; Glen Heil, rerecording mixer; Robert Gigliuto, boom operator; Robert Ambrico, boom operator; Locke Wallace, boom operator; George Montanez, boom operator; Eric Johnson, boom operator; Edward Raab, boom operator

Sound mixing — live-action and animation
“Kim Possible” (Disney); Melissa Ellis, rerecording mixer; Fil Brown, rerecording mixer

Technical direction/electronic camera/video control
“The View” (ABC); Rene M. Butler, technical director; Frank J. Cocchia, electronic camera; Reginald Drakeford, electronic camera; Russ Fortier, electronic camera; Trevor Thompson, electronic camera; Rich Freedman, electronic camera; Eric Kendra, electronic camera; Denis Linehan, electronic camera; Richard Cavaliere, electronic camera; Nicholas J. Besink, senior video

Technical direction/electronic camera/video control for a drama series
“One Life to Live” (ABC); Robert Santeramo, technical director; Doug Schmitt, technical director; Bar-in Bonet, electronic camera; Howard Zeidman, electronic camera; Frank Forsyth, electronic camera; Thomas Tucker, electronic camera; Lawrence Strack, electronic camera; Joseph Puleo, electronic camera; Rich Westlein, electronic camera; John Shanoski, senior video

Writing in a children’s series
“Reading Rainbow” (PBS); Ronnie Kraus, writer; Jill Gluckson, writer

Special class writing
“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndication); Karen Kilgariff, head writer; Karen Anderson, writer; Danny Breen, writer; Greg Fitzsimmons, writer; Margaret Smith, writer; Alison Balian, writer; Sue Murphy, writer; Ellen DeGeneres, writer