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ABC's 'Children' up for 18

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NEW YORK — ABC’s “All My Children” led the pack with 18 as the Daytime Emmy Award nominations were announced Wednesday.

Three shows tied for second with 13 apiece: ABC’s “General Hospital,” CBS’ “Guiding Light” and PBS’ “Sesame Street.”

CBS’ “The Young and the Restless” racked up 12.

ABC led all networks in daytime noms with 53, followed by syndicated shows with 49, CBS with 47 and PBS with 32. NBC was a distant fourth with 10.

The syndicated “Ellen DeGeneres Show” and ABC’s “The View” were the most-nominated talkshows, nabbing 11 noms each; all the hosts of the nominated yakkers — Dr. Phil McGraw, DeGeneres, Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway, and all the “View” women — were nominated in the talk-show host category.

Nominations for the 32nd Daytime Emmys, to be presented by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences at Radio City Music Hall on May 20, were announced by CBS’ “The Early Show” co-anchor Julie Chen on the set of “The Guiding Light” in Gotham.

Drawing noms for service show host were homemaking diva Martha Stewart, whose skein has aired in syndication on Style Network since she went to prison; Bob Vila; and Food Network’s Bobby Flay, Michael Chiarello and Emeril Lagasse.

Noms for front-running “All My Children” include one for younger actress nominee Eden Riegel, who plays the first lesbian character on daytime TV.

Among gameshows, King World’s “Jeopardy!” and CBS’ “The Price Is Right” each took six noms. Rounding out the gameshow category was Buena Vista TV’s “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” with four nominations.

And the nominees are…

“All My Children” (ABC), Julie Hanan Carruthers, Executive Producer; Ginger Smith, Producer; Karen Johnson, Producer; Casey Childs, Producer;
“As The World Turns” (CBS), Christopher Goutman, Executive Producer; Carole Shure, Senior Producer; Vivian Gundaker, Producer; Kelsey Bay, Coordinating Producer;
“General Hospital” (ABC), Jill Farren Phelps, Executive Producer; Mary O’leary, Producer; Carol Scott, Producer; Mercer Barrows, Producer; Michelle Henry, Producer; Deborah A. Genovese, Coordinating Producer; Charles Pratt, Jr., Consulting Producer; Robert Guza, Jr., Consulting Producer;
“The Young and the Restless” (CBS), William J. Bell, Executive Producer; John F. Smith, Co-Executive Producer; Edward J. Scott, Supervising Producer; Kathryn Foster, Producer; John C. Fisher, Coordinating Producer;

“Martha Byrne” “as the World Turns” (CBS)
“Susan Flannery” “The Bold and the Beautiful” (CBS)
“Nancy Lee Grahn” “General Hospital” (ABC)
“Kim Zimmer” “Guiding Light” (CBS)
“Erika Slezak” “One Life to Live” (ABC)
“Kassie Depaiva” “One Life to Live” (ABC)
“Juliet Mills” “Passions” (NBC)
“Michelle Stafford” “The Young and the Restless” (CBS)

“Michael E. Knight” “As the World Turns” (CBS)
“Roger Howarth” “All My Children” (ABC)
“Jack Wagner “ “The Bold and the Beautiful” (CBS)
“Steve Burton “ “General Hospital” (ABC)
“Grant Aleksander “ “Guiding Light” (CBS)
“Christian Jules Leblanc” “The Young and the Restless” (CBS)

“Natalia Livingston “ “General Hospital” (ABC)
“Robin Christopher “ “General Hospital” (ABC)
“Crystal Chappell “ “Guiding Light” (CBS)
“Heather Tom “ “One Life to Live” (ABC)
“Ilene Kristen “ “One Life to Live” (ABC)
“Jeanne Cooper “ “The Young and the Restless” (CBS)

“Jeff Branson “ “All My Children” (ABC)
“Cameron Mathison “ “All My Children” (ABC)
“Tyler Christopher “ “General Hospital” (ABC)
“Rick Hearst “ “General Hospital” (ABC)
“Justin Deas “ “Guiding Light” (CBS)
“Greg Rikaart “ “The Young and the Restless” (CBS)

“Alexa Havins “ “All My Children” (ABC)
“Eden Riegel “ “All My Children” (ABC)
“Jennifer Ferrin “ “As the World Turns” (CBS)
“Adrianne Leon “ “General Hospital” (ABC)
“Crystal Hunt “ “Guiding Light” (CBS)

Jacob Young, “All My Children” (ABC)
Scott Clifton, “General Hospital” (ABC)
Tom Pelphrey, “Guiding Light” (CBS)
David Lago, “The Young and the Restless” (CBS)
Michael Graziadei, “The Young and the Restless” (CBS)

Donovan Patton, “Blues Clues” (Nik)
Jeff Corwin, Jeff Corwin Un leashed (DSC Kids)
Levar Burton, “Reading Rainbow” (PBS)
Kevin Clash, “Sesame Street” (PBS)

“Jane Alexander” “Carry Me Home” (SHO)
“Ron Silver “ “Jack” (SHO)
“Stockard Channing “ “Jack” (SHO)
“Hume Cronyn” “A Separate Peace” (SHO)

“Kevin Michael Richardson “ “The Batman” (Kids WB)
“Henry Winkler “ “Clifford’s Puppy Days” (PBS)
“Mel Brooks “ “Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks” (PBS)
“Christy Romano “ “Kim Possible” (DIS)
“Joan Cusack” “Peep and the Big Wide World” TLC

“Alex Trebek”, “Jeopardy!” (Syn)
“Bob Barker”, “The Price Is Right” (CBS)
“Meredith Vieira”, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” (Syn)

“Dr. Phillip C. McGraw”, “Dr. Phil” (Syn)
“Ellen Degeneres”, “The Ellen Degeneres Show” (Syn)
“Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa”, “Live With Regis & Kelly” (Syn)
“Lisa Rinna, Ty Treadway”, “Soap Talk” (Soapnet)
“Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Star Jones, Meredith Vieira”, “The View” (ABC)

“Bob Vila”, “Bob Vila’s Home Again” (Syn)
“Bobby Flay”, “Boy Meets Grill” (Food)
“Michael Chiarello”, “Easy Entertaining With Michael Chiarello” (Food)
“Emeril Lagasse”, “The Essence Of Emeril” (Food)
“Martha Stewart”, “Martha Stewart Living” (Syn)

“Arthur” (PBS), Pierre Valette, Executive Producer; Toper Taylor, Executive Producer; Lesley Taylor, Executive Producer; Marc Brown, Executive Producer; Greg Bailey, Producer;/Director; Jacqui Deegan, Producer; Diane Dallaire, Producer; Tolon Brown, Producer; Geoff Adams, Producer; Paul Higgins, Coordinating Producer; Peter K. Hirsch, Writer; Debora Toffan, Director
“Dora The Explorer” (Nik), Chris Gifford, Executive Producer;/Writer; Valerie Walsh, Co-Executive Producer;/Writer; Jeffrey Degrandis, Supervising Producer; Cathy Galeota, Producer; Eric Wiener, Producer;/Head Writer; Miken Wong, Line Producer;/Head Writer; George Chialtas, Director; Sherie Pollack, Director
“Kim Possible” (DIS), Bob Schooley, Executive Producer; Mark McCorkle, Executive Producer; David Block, Director; Steve Loter, Director; Lisa Schaffer, Director; Bill Motz, Writer; Bob Roth, Writer
“Peep And The Big Wide World” (TLC), Kate Taylor, Executive Producer; Jessica Hanlon, Executive Producer; Melinda Toporoff, Supervising Producer; Vince Commisso, Senior Producer; Marisa Wolsky, Producer; Geoff Adams, Producer; Kai Pindal, Producer; Paul Higgins, Coordinating Producer; Steven Jarosz, Coordinating Producer; Rick Marshall, Director; Deb Toffan, Director; Kathy Waugh, Head Writer; Joe Fallon, Writer
“Toddworld” (TLC), Bill Schultz, Executive Producer; Todd Parr, Executive Producer; Gerry Renert, Executive Producer; Paul Cummins, Executive Producer; Amy Sprecher, Executive Producer; Mike Young, Co-Executive Producer; Liz Young, Co-Executive Producer; Melinda Toporoff, Supervising Producer; Carin Greenberg Baker, Supervising Producer;/Writer; Siobhan Ni Ghadra, Producer; Stuart Cunningham, Producer; Marie Cecchino Brand, Line Producer; Cyrus Mistry, Line Producer; Jeff Gordon, Director; Glenn Kirkpatrick, Director; Doug Parker, Director; Pamela Hickey, Writer; Denys Mccoy, Writer; Corey Powell, Writer; Ken Pontac, Writer; Nicole Duboc, Writer

“The Batman” (Kids WB), Sander Schwartz, Executive Producer; Alan Burnett, Executive Producer; Duane Capizzi, Supervising Producer; Michael Goguen, Supervising Producer; Jeff Matsuda, Producer; Linda M. Steiner, Producer; Glen Murakami, Producer; Adam Beechen, Writer; Steven Melching, Writer; Seung Eun Kim, Director; Brandon Vietti, Director; Sam Liu, Director; Ginny Mcswain, Director
“Duck Dodgers” (CAR), Sander Schwartz, Executive Producer; Spike Brandt, Supervising Producer;/Director/Writer; Tony Cervone, Supervising Producer;/Director/Writer; Paul Dini, Producer;/Writer; Tom Minton, Producer;/Writer; Linda M. Steiner, Producer; Collette Sunderman, Director
“Rolie Polie Olie” (DIS), William Joyce, Executive Producer; Michael Hirsh, Executive Producer; Scott Dyer, Executive Producer; Corinne Kouper, Executive Producer; Guillaume Hellouin, Supervising Producer; Pamela Lehn, Supervising Producer; Susie Grondin, Producer; Eric Flaherty, Producer; Christophe Archambault, Producer; Mike Fallows, Supervising Director; Ron Pitts, Director; Bill Giggie, Director; Nadine Van Der Velde, Writer; Steve Sullivan, Writer; Alice Prodanau, Writer; Robin Stein, Writer

“Jeopardy!” (Syn), Harry Friedman, Executive Producer; Lisa Finneran, Senior Producer; Rocky Schmidt, Senior Producer; Gary Johnson, Senior Producer;
“The Price Is Right” (CBS), Bob Barker, Executive Producer; Roger Dobkowitz, Producer;
“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” (Syn), Michael Davies, Executive Producer; Paul Smith, Executive Producer; Leigh Hampton, Executive Producer; Vincent A. Rubino, Co-Executive Producer; Deirdre Cossman, Producer; Richard Sirop, Producer; Dennis F. McMahon, Producer;

“Blues Clues” (Nik), Todd Kessler, Executive Producer; Angela C. Santomero, Executive Producer; Traci-Paige Johnson, Executive Producer; Jennifer Twomey, Executive Producer; Wendy Harris, Co-Executive Producer; Marcy Pritchard Shablak, Line Producer; Carmen Limburg Koge, Producer; Shannon George, Producer; Alice Wilder, Producer; Dave Palmer, Producer;
“Hi-5” (TLC), Helena Harris, Executive Producer; Kris Noble, Executive Producer; Melinda Toporoff, Supervising Producer; Marcel Zammit, Line Producer;
“Paz” “(TLC), Amy Sprecher, Executive Producer; Johnathan Meath, Executive Producer; Erin Wanner, Producer; Clive Juster, Producer; Charlotte Damgaard, Producer; Roland Tongue, Producer;
“Sesame Street” (PBS), Dr. Lewis Bernstein, Executive Producer; Kevin Clash, Co-Executive Producer; Carol-Lynn Parente, Senior Producer; Karen Ialacci, Producer; Meliss Dino, Producer; Tim Carter, Co-Producer;

“Endurance: Hawaii” “(NBC), JD Roth, Executive Producer; Todd A. Nelson, Executive Producer; John Foy, Executive Producer; Erin Wanner, Executive Producer; Grady Candler, Co-Executive Producer; Eric Westmore, Line Producer; Johanna Rowe, Producer; Elayne Cilic, Producer; Bill Hochhauser, Producer;
“Jeff Corwin Unleashed” (DSC Kids), Guy Nickerson, Executive Producer; Tim Braine, Executive Producer; Kevin M. Meagher, Executive Producer; Jeff Corwin, Executive Producer; Dawn Sinsel, Executive Producer; Jim Rapsas, Executive Producer; Michael Tetrick, Supervising Producer; Melinda Toporoff, Supervising Producer; Robin Hart, Producer; Paul Storck, Producer; Holly Williamson, Producer; Chris Allingham, Producer; Marc Wolloff, Line Producer;
“Postcards From Buster” (PBS), Pierre Valette, Executive Producer; Carol Greenwald, Executive Producer; Marc Brown, Executive Producer; Toper Taylor, Executive Producer; Paul Higgins, Coordinating Producer; Natatcha Estebanez, Producer; Tolon Brown, Producer; Lesley Taylor, Producer; Darrell Suto, Producer; Mary Mcentire, Producer; Valerie Griffith, Producer; Simon Griffith, Producer; Diane Dallaire, Line Producer;
“Reading Rainbow” (PBS), Twila Liggett, Producer; Levar Burton, Producer; Orly Wiseman, Producer; Nicole Silver, Producer; Ed Wiseman, Producer; Sudie Anning, Producer; Nan Schwieger, Producer; Donald Boswell, Producer; Pamela Johnson, Producer; David Mccourt, Producer;
“Zoom” (PBS), Kate Taylor, Executive Producer; Kathleen Shugrue, Senior Producer; Paul Serafini, Supervising Producer; Marisa Wolsky, Producer; Marcy Gunther, Coordinating Producer;

“Mighty Times: The Legacy Of Rosa Parks” (HBO), Richard Cohen, Executive Producer; Robert Hudson, Producer; Bobby Houston, Director/Writer
“Saving A Species: Manatees In Peril” (DSC Kids), Shelia Voss, Executive Producer; Jim Rapsas, Executive Producer; Elaine Pugliese, Supervising Producer; Lori Schildwachter, Producer; Danielle Magee, Producer; Christine Charlick, Producer; Horse Hardesty, Producer; Julie Scardina, Producer; Guy Nickerson, Director; Colette Piceau, Writer
“A Separate Peace” (SHO), Laura Gherardi, Executive Producer; Murray Schisgal, Executive Producer; Lee Gottsegen, Executive Producer; Jay Cohen, Executive Producer; J.B. Sugar, Executive Producer; Michael Sugar, Executive Producer; Enrique Murciano, Executive Producer; Armand Leo, Producer; Peter Yates, Director; Wendy Kesselman, Writer

“Dr. Phil” (Syn), Carla Pennington Stewart, Executive Producer; Angie Kraus Bell, Supervising Producer; Kandi Amelon-Sawyer, Senior Coordinating Producer; Judy Rybak, Supervising Producer; Julie Ross, Producer; Edward Santos, Producer; Lisa Steinke, Producer; Kathy Giaconia, Producer; Katerina Monemvassitis, Producer; Lori Read, Producer; David Goldman, Producer; Anita Pepper, Producer; Jill Skinner, Producer; John Perry, Producer;
“The Ellen Degeneres Show” (Syn), Ellen Degeneres, Executive Producer; Mary Connelly, Executive Producer; Ed Glavin, Executive Producer; Andy Lassner, Co-Executive Producer; Derek Westervelt, Coordinating Producer; Jason Gabel, Producer; Melissa Geiger Schrift, Producer; Jonathan Norman, Producer; Christine Schomer, Producer; Karen Kilgariff, Producer; Lori Blackman, Producer; Bradford Brillowski, Producer; Melissa Costello, Producer; Karen Anderson, Producer; Danny Breen, Producer; Greg Fitzsimmons, Producer; Margaret Smith, Producer; Alison Balian, Producer; Sue Murphy, Producer; Lawrence Williams, Producer; Hedda Muskat, Producer;
“Live With Regis & Kelly (Syn), Regis Philbin, Executive Producer; Michael Gelman, Executive Producer; Cindy Macdonald, Producer; Mariann Sabol-Nieves, Producer; Joanne Saltzman, Producer; Jan Schillay, Producer; Delores Spruell-Jackson, Producer; Ann Marie Williams-Gray, Producer; John Ogle, Producer; Albert Bianchini, Producer; Elyssa Shapiro, Producer; Marco Puglia, Producer; Deborah Koenig-Raptis, Producer; David Mullen, Producer;
“Soap Talk” (Soapnet), Kari Sagin, Executive Producer; Jeff Hudson, Supervising Producer; Matthew Wright, Producer; Astra Austin, Producer; Melissa Keys, Producer; Andrea Capelli, Producer;
“The View “(ABC), Bill Geddie, Executive Producer; Barbara Walters, Executive Producer; Alexandra Cohen, Supervising Producer; Patrick Ignozzi, Coordinating Producer; Matthew J. Strauss, Coordinating Producer; Jennifer Brookman, Producer; Jonathan Faulhaber, Producer; Dana Goodman, Producer;Audrey Jones, Producer; Jamie Kotkin-Hammer, Producer; Gregory Piccioli, Producer; Rachel Weintraub, Producer;

“30 Minute Meals” “(Food), Mark Dissin, Executive Producer; Bob Tuschman, Executive Producer;
“Barefoot Contessa” (Food), Rachel Purnell, Executive Producer; Bob Tuschman, Executive Producer;
“Great Hotels” (Travel), Howard Lee, Executive Producer; Jerry Smith, Executive Producer; Cindy Smith, Executive Producer; Lori Rothschild Ansaldi, Coordinating Producer; Joan Mccord, Producer;
“Martha Stewart Living” (Syn), Martha Stewart, Executive Producer; Linda Corradina, Executive Producer; Lisa Wagner, Senior Producer; Lucinda Scala Quinn, Coordinating Producer; Suzanne Mcgrath, Coordinating Producer; Doug Wright, Coordinating Producer; R.E. Altman, Producer; Mara Altschuler, Producer; Barbara Fight, Producer; Laurie Hepburn, Producer; Lenore Welby, Producer; Greta Anthony, Producer; Jocelyn Santos, Producer; Ann Macmullan, Producer; Elena Ferretti, Producer; Mark Ski, Producer; Judy Morris, Producer; A.J. Boles, Line Producer;
“This Old House” (PBS), Bruce Irving, Executive Producer; David Vos, Senior Producer; Deborah Hood, Producer;

“Animal Rescue” “(Syn), Alex Paen, Executive Producer;/Host
“A Baby Story” “(TLC), Terri Johnson, Executive Producer; Glenda Hersh, Executive Producer; Steven Weinstock, Executive Producer; Nikki Strome Taub, Supervising Producer; Liz Naylor, Senior Producer; Lorri Leighton, Senior Producer; Nikki Borrelli, Coordinating Producer; Audrey Bellezza, Producer; Adrienne Hammel, Producer; Lisa Mozo, Producer; Christina Marra, Producer;
“Breakfast With The Arts” (A&E), Emilio Nunez, Executive Producer; John Bence, Senior Producer; Liisa Lunden, Producer; Shelley Hoffman, Producer; Elliott Forrest, Host
“Judge Judy” (Syn), Randy Douthit, Executive Producer; Timothy Regler, Executive Producer; Victoria Jenest, Supervising Producer; Shannon Weber-Arellano, Senior Producer; Richard Russakoff, Producer; Cybil Jordan-Malachi, Producer; Jonathan Sebastian, Producer; Jenny Hope, Producer; Kirk Leins, Coordinating Producer; Christopher Thomas, Coordinating Producer; Judge Judy Sheindlin, Host
“Starting Over” (Syn), Jon Murray, Executive Producer; Mary-Ellis Bunim, Executive Producer; Millee Taggart-Ratcliffe, Executive Producer; Jim Johnston, Co-Executive Producer; Linda Midgett, Co-Executive Producer; Joan O’connor, Co-Executive Producer; Cliff Grant, Line Producer; Francesca James, Co-Producer; Jeannine Denholm, Producer; Erin Paullus, Producer; Ben Greenberg, Producer; Peter Steen, Producer; Tracy Whittaker, Producer; Adriane Hopper, Producer; Jeanine Cornillot, Producer; Lisa Weiss, Producer; Susan Baronoff, Producer; Joe Alonso, Producer; Peggy Murphy, Producer; Jim Bedford, Producer; Brandon Wilson, Producer; Andrea Bailey, Producer; Rubye Wilson, Producer; Kathy Wussler, Producer; Stephanie Tomasky, Producer; Pam Lewis, Producer; Sylvia Maldonaldo, Producer; Jonathan Reiner, Producer; Jeniene Phillips Birks, Producer; David Wallach, Producer; Mark Niedelson, Producer;Alex Miltsch, Producer; Guido Verweyen, Producer; Sarah Pillsbury, Producer; Roger C. Memos, Coordinating Producer; Pat Lofthouse, Coordinating Producer; Rana Walker, Co-Host; Rhonda Britten, Co-Host; Iyanla Vanzant, Co-Host; Dr. Stan J. Katz, Co-Host

“78th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” (NBC), Brad Lachman, Executive Producer; Bill Bracken, Producer; Katie Couric, Co-Host; Matt Lauer, Co-Host’ Al Roker, Co-Host
“9/11 Memorial From Ground Zero” (Syn), David Stern, Executive Producer; Annette Jolles, Supervising Producer; Denise Graap, Coordinating Producer; Susi Wuennenberg, Coordinating Producer; Leonard Laxer, Producer; Susan Pomerantz, Producer
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“Still Brady After All These Years” (TV Land), Sherwood Schwartz, Executive Producer; Lloyd J. Schwartz, Executive Producer; Sal Maniaci, Executive Producer; Robin Weiner, Co-Producer; Michael Petok, Producer; Hope Juber, Producer; Jenny Mccarthy, Host
“Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade” (ABC), Andy Perrott, Executive Producer; Darlene Papalini, Executive Producer; Jeff Palmer, Supervising Producer; John Best, Coordinating Producer; Susan Janis-Mashayekhi, Producer; Regis Philbin, Co-Host, Kelly Ripa, Co-Host

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syn), John Shaffner, Production Designer; Joe Stewart, Production Designer; Tina Miller, Art Director; Christopher Goumas, Art Director
“The Oprah Winfrey Show” (Syn), Tara Denise, Production Designer; Angelo Petratos, Production Designer; Matthew York, Scenic Designer; Sean Post, Scenic Designer
“The Price Is Right” (CBS), Bente Christensen, Art Director; Richard Domabyl, Set Decorator; Elizabeth Fowler Beach, Set Decorator;
“Sesame Street” (PBS), Victor Dinapoli, Production Designer; Bob Phillips, Art Director; Mike Pantuso, Art Director; Pete Ortiz, Art Director; Nat Mongioi, Set Decorator
“The View” (ABC), William Mickley, Scenic Designer

“All My Children” “(ABC), Roger Mooney, Production Designer; Joel Reynolds, Scenic Designer; Chas Plummer, Scenic Designer; Martin Fahrer, Scenic Designer
“As The World Turns” (CBS), Patrick Howe, Production Designer; Tim Goodmanson, Art Director; Dennis Donegan, Set Decorator; Catherine Mckenney, Set Decorator; Karen Hlipala, Set Decorator; Paul Hickey, Set Decorator
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“The Young And The Restless” (CBS), William Hultstrom, Production Designer; David Hoffmann, Art Director; Joseph Bevacqua, Set Decorator; Fred Cooper, Set Decorator; Andrea Joel, Set Decorator

Mary Clay Boland, “As The World Turns” (CBS)
Mark Teschner”, “General Hospital” (ABC)
Rob Decina”, “Guiding Light” (CBS)

Stan Murphy, Director Of Photography, “Great Hotels” (Travel)
Larry Lecain, Electronic Camera, “Inside This Old House” (A&E)
Jimmy O’Donnell, Director Of Photography, “Reading Rainbow” (PBS)
Stephen J. D’Onofrio, Electronic Camera, “This Old House” (PBS)
Emery Clay, Cinematographer, Brad White, Cinematographer, “Travel Gear” (Travel)

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