Not even ABC’s “Lost,” the new skein that had proved to be kryptonite against other series, can slow down “Smallville.”

Ratings for the Clark Kent-turned-Superman show has maintained its lofty ratings in this season’s Wednesday night battle, up against the J.J. Abrams “Survivor”-like drama.

“Smallville” creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar say the series has been a great fit for the Frog since launching in 2001.

“It was a coming-of-age story but it just happened to be about a superhero,” Gough explains. “So you had the action-adventure element as well as the family element.”

However, getting a 13-episode commitment took some convincing.

“I think initially there was some skepticism when they first heard the idea: Superman’s high school years. They wanted to know how that would play out and what the execution should be,” Gough says.

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“What interested us and the network was how somebody becomes a hero and, conversely with Lex Luthor, how does somebody become a villain that didn’t start out bad? It’s interesting in how you can make that journey.”

Oddly enough, many “Smallville” fans aren’t all that aware of either the Christopher Reeve films or the George Reeves series (1952-57).

“We never got notes (from the network) saying, ‘This is going to be boring because everybody already knows Clark Kent.’ What we found is that most of the audience that watch the WB were not familiar with Superman at all,” Gough recalls.

“We did a pilot test and in the middle there was a glitch in the tape and the boys had to tell the girls they were watching Superman. The girls had no idea.”