Mike Myers will star as the Who’s drummer Keith Moon in an untitled feature that Roger Daltrey is producing with Spitfire’s Nigel Sinclair. Daltrey and Sinclair have worked on the Moon project on and off for about 10 years, but the film will be on a fast track and a filmmaker will be set shortly. Myers last appeared onscreen in “The Cat in the Hat.” Myers previously flirted with the Moon project several years ago. At the time, he was so busy co-writing and playing four characters in “Austin Powers in Goldmember” that the project never quite came together. He is eager to make it happen now, sources said. Moon’s penchant for destroying drum sets while bandmate Pete Townshend smashed his guitars helped to forge the Who’s rebellious image. Moon was just as wild offstage, living large and trashing hotel rooms and cars. The lunacy nearly overshadowed an instinctive power drumming skill that fueled the Who. The hard living caught up to Moon, who died in 1978.