Call it the coiffure that captivated the nation.

OK, maybe not the entire country, but certainly the diehard fans of “Felicity,” the popular WB series that ran 1998-2002.

Star Keri Russell — who incidentally is the only thesp ever to win a major kudo for the network when she captured actress in a drama at the Golden Globes in 1999 — shed her locks at the beginning of season two and loyal viewers were aghast.

“I think that was really funny,” Russell told an entertainment Web site a few years after the incident took place.

Russell had more than hair on her mind over the four-year series. On a weekly basis it seemed she mulled who should be her true love: Call it a tale of two Scotts. There was Ben Covington, played by Scott Speedman, and Noel Crane, portrayed by Scott Foley.

Ben was the bad-boy heartthrob whom Felicity secretly pined for in high school in California and then chased to college in New York. Noel was the nice guy and Felicity’s first resident adviser in college. Hardly an episode went by without her deliberating on who was the better choice.

Any choice she made — whether it was about boyfriends, study partners or what to wear — brought auds under her spell. “I remember when Felicity lost her virginity it was a very big deal,” Russell recalled. “A therapist told me that a girl becoming a woman — or whatever one wants to call it — is probably more traumatic than birth.”