Most consider it the show that put the WB on the map and would define the net’s strategy for years to come.

“Dawson’s Creek,” which was the Frog’s first out-of-the-box hit among critics when in launched in 1998, bowed to net’s highest-ever ratings and immediately became its No. 1 show in key demos.

“At the time the WB was very hungry for material,” skein’s exec producer Paul Stupin says. “They were reading all sorts of existing scripts to quickly booster their development.”

Originally sold to Fox, which eventually dropped the series, the show got on the air after WB execs Jordan Levin and Suzanne Daniels stepped in and requested a few changes.

“The original script took place the day before school started and the WB asked us to integrate a little more of the high school environment into the pilot since that’s where the series would ultimately go.”

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Stupin also welcomed Bob Bib and Lou Goldstein’s extensive “Dawson’s” pre-premiere marketing campaign.

“Bob and Lou put together what I think is the most amazing campaign to launch a show,,” Stupin recalls. “You could not go down a street without a seeing billboard or a side of a bus with this incredible image of this ensemble cast. They were able to generate this huge amount of hype for a show that no one had yet seen.”

During its five-year stint on the Frog, “Dawson’s” was a must-see among the highly sought after 18-34 crowd. The skein still holds the Frog’s record for best-ever rating among the 12- to 34-year-olds.