“Little fiddles and bits.”

That’s how Harvey Fierstein describes the fix-up job that falls to the book writer when a big musical like “La Cage aux Folles” is revived for Broadway. “Over the course of a long run,” he says, “the director and the actors come up with little lines that make their way into the show. And they eventually become part of the stage manager’s script that goes to the publisher. The greatest part of my job (with the revival) was to go in and clean all of that crap out. I also put back several lines that I had originally written, but which were taken out by either the producer or the director, who deemed them too daring — too gay — at the time. It’s funny, because you would never even blanch at them now.”

In addition to being the Fixer, Fierstein was the Big Replacement this season. Taking over for Alfred Molina, he goosed the B.O. at “Fiddler on the Roof.”