Stage Holding exec solos

New venture will have offices in Netherlands, New York

AMSTERDAM — Robin De Levita, the right-hand man of Dutch theatrical mogul Joop Van den Ende, will ankle April 1 as international exec producer and board member of Stage Holding to launch his own company.

De Levita has been working with Van den Ende for nearly a quarter of a century, first with Joop van den Ende Theatrical Prods., then with Endemol Live Entertainment and then with Stage Holding.

His new venture, Robin De Levita Prods., will have offices in the Netherlands and New York. It will be focused on theatrical productions as well as TV, film and other media, De Levita told Variety.

Both Van den Ende and De Levita said they would work together in the future on individual projects. “Joop, of course, regrets his leaving, but also understands that Robin has been trying to get these new projects off the ground, and cannot do it at the same time he is in charge of the global operations of Stage Holding,” said Maarten Van Nispen, corporate communications manager for Stage Holding.

Van Nispen said the position would not be filled immediately. De Levita’s official exit date is April 1, but he’ll stay longer if necessary to ensure a smooth transition.

During his time with Van den Ende, De Levita was involved with the productions of some 60 musicals. Among awards he took home was the Laurence Olivier Award for “The Who’s ‘Tommy.'”