How big a bite did the blizzard take out of the Broadway B.O.? Twenty-six shows brought in $11,922,907 during Week 34 (Jan. 17-23), down $2,199,874, or 15.6%, from the previous session. Paid attendance came to 183,861, off 12.6%. Although some slippage from the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend is expected, $2.2 million is not typical. In fact, it just about sums up the snow damage.

The mid-January time frame in 2004 and 2003 produced tallies of $13.9 million and $13.3 million, respectively, with paid attendance ranging from 202,972 to 218,110.

Most of the week’s B.O. plummet came from near-empty theaters at the Sunday matinee. “Beauty and the Beast” ($423,937) recorded the week’s biggest drop, with receipts down $171,761. Disney reported approximately 1,000 no-shows or cancellations for the Sunday matinee (the theater seats 1,509). Down $125,643, “The Producers” ($696,645) slipped under $700,000 (on a regular eight-perf sked) for only the second time in its history.

Lucky Billy Crystal. Despite the title, his “700 Sundays” ($810,281) does not perform on Sunday, and dropped a minor $41,009 but managed to sell out. Cancellations were also snapped up at “Wicked” ($1,232,405) and “Avenue Q” ($482,325), which performed at 100% and 96% capacity, respectively.

A never-on-Sunday sked and the movie version’s presence also helped “The Phantom of the Opera” ($632,041), which slipped only $26,974. The still-previewing “Good Vibrations” ($316,732) was down only $31,441, as receipts coast along at under half the tuner’s gross potential ($673,960).

The 18 musicals grossed $9,502,784 for 79.7% of the Broadway total, with attendance of 146,052 at 73.8% of capacity.

The eight plays grossed $2,420,123 for 20.3% of the Broadway total, with attendance of 37,809 at 66.0% of capacity.

Average ticket prices were $65.06 for musicals, $64.01 for plays and $64.85 for all shows.