‘On’ and off the ‘Cirque’

Clear Channel puts Canuck circus in arena setting

Big legit orgs have them coming and going on the road.

Disney takes its “On the Record” off the road July 31.

Cirque du Soleil partners with Clear Channel to put the Canuck circus franchise into its first arena setting. Starting in November, 100 one-night dates are planned for North America.

Under the agreement, the Quebec-based Cirque manages the creative end, while Clear Channel handles production and promotion. At present, the show’s theme, capitalization and kickoff city have not been finalized.

Presenters can expect a Cirque show, but due to moving constraints, “There will be no trapeze,” says Clear Channel’s Scott Zeiger.

“On the Record” ends its tour July 31 at Denver’s Buell Theater.

The eight-person revue opened Nov. 9 at Cleveland’s Palace Theater. Since then, it has received downbeat reviews in most cities. Disney Theatrical prexy, Thomas Schumacher, tells Variety the show “captured the people who love the Disney catalog, but once we got into a market, (business) didn’t expand from there. We don’t get walk-up business.”

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However, he said the show is not losing money. “There is no reason to stop it today,” he says, pointing to the late-July shutter date.