Chi hit ‘Verboten’ visits Gotham

Show features illicit conversations from public figures

Michael Martin’s long-running Chicago and New Orleans hit “Verbatim Verboten” makes its New York debut Jan. 31 at Fez.

Featuring illicitly recorded and uncensored conversations from public figures, the show offers about a dozen pieces nightly, chosen from nearly 100 transcripts.

Vicki Quade, co-creator of “Late Nite Catechism,” produces, and John Pinckard directs.

For more than a decade, Martin has collected transcripts featuring the uncensored words of celebrities, politicians, criminals and other famous folk, including Britney Spears, Enron and Texaco executives, Joe DiMaggio, Rudolph Giuliani, Fred Durst, Marion Berry and Michael Alig.

The show made headlines last year when Tom Cruise threatened legal action over a conversation between him and wife Nicole Kidman as their marriage was crumbling.

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Cast includes Chad Beckim, David Drake, Tate Ellington, Carolyn Ficksman, John Flynn, Molly Franklin, Gary Hall, Wayne Henry, Justin McElwee, Jonny McGovern, Leslie Meisel, Susan O’Connor, Olevia White and Tony White.

Perfs are Mondays at 7:30 through Feb. 28 at Fez, 380 Lafayette St., inside Time Cafe. For more information, visit www.feznyc.com.