Paris legit an Ende in itself

Stage Holding to take over in October 2006

AMSTERDAM — Stage Holding, the live entertainment company of media mogul and philanthropist Joop van den Ende, is finalizing a deal to take over Theater Mogador in Paris.

The 1,800-seater, built in 1913, has been home to L’Orchestre de Paris while its own building is being renovated and it’s also a popular venue for international bookings.

Stage Holding will take over in October 2006, according to Bart van Schriek, Stage Holding’s board member for finance and business development.

He declined to give financial details, but the theater will be pricey given its location on the Right Bank in the 9th Arrondissement. Stage Holding will have full control of the theater.

There is a shortlist of musicals for the Parisian opening, he added.

Van Schriek said extensive research indicates that the kind of lavish tuners Stage Holding has become famous for — among them “Mamma Mia” and “Lion King” — would work in Paris.

The theater is “a well-equipped venue suitable for musicals, which is in very good shape,” he added, noting the company had been scouting for a Paris location for some time.