Actors’ Equity has released its annual report for the 2003-04 legit season, and the employment and earnings numbers are more upbeat than in recent reports.

  • Broadway and the road showed significant improvement. Production Contract employment jumped by 5.6% to 69,578, which translates to a 2.6% jump in Gotham (or 42,791 workweeks). After a seven-year decline on the road, tours increased 10.9% or 26,787 workweeks.

  • Overall member earnings reached a nationwide annual total of $290,271,713 — a 9.7% increase from 2002-03. Of working members, 42% earned $5,000 or less while only 5% earned $75,000 or more.

  • Overall employment remains unchanged from the 2002-03 season, with 288,282 workweeks clocked during 2003-04.

  • Employment statistics show 17,582 members were employed on an Equity contract during the season. In any given week, an average of 5,689 actors and stage managers were employed.

  • The study shows a member concentration in the top three cities: 15,654 members live in New York, 7,557 members in Los Angeles and 1,355 in Chicago.