Pic labs in ‘Deep’ denial

Fotokem, Technicolor decline to strike new prints

Exhibitors are clamoring for the re-release of the original X-rated “Deep Throat,” which will open in five cities Feb. 25. Film labs haven’t shared their enthusiasm.

FotoKem and Technicolor both declined to produce a remastered print. Arrow Prods. topper Raymond Pistol says he’s found a lab to strike his prints in time for their six-screen bow Feb. 25, but declined to identify it.

Pistol says he’s sympathetic to FotoKem’s position. Company rejected the pic after an employee complained to human resources.

“What’s the phraseology, ‘a hostile work environment?’ ” asks Pistol. “They didn’t want to be hit with a suit.”

For Technicolor, Pistol has nothing but disdain, noting that Disney is a major client and the lab may have feared offending the Mouse House. “Aren’t they the one that had penises in children’s films and don’t they do the Touchstone films, which have plenty of nudity? I’m not the hypocrite.”

Print production is a problem that porn producers haven’t had to consider for nearly two decades. While the occasional porn pic is still shot on film, they haven’t unspooled on a bigscreen for more than a decade thanks to the rise of the VCR.

“Wicked never made prints,” says Steven Vlottes, who heads international sales for 11-year-old porn studio Wicked Pictures. “The one exception was (1995 Jenna Jameson feature) ‘Blue Movie,’ but we sent the negatives to a lab in Italy and it was for theaters in Switzerland and Germany.”

Opening weekend of “Deep Throat” will include latenight screenings at Laemmle Sunset 5 in Los Angeles (which is also running “Inside Deep Throat”) and Laemmle’s Colorado in Pasadena as well as engagements at Chicago’s Music Box Theater, the Roxy Cinema in Philadelphia and a theater to be named in New York.

The Roxy Theater in San Francisco will also screen “Deep Throat,” but as a regular engagement.