New age aud in the ‘Know’

Quirky 'Bleep' banks $10 million in B.O.

The question for “What the Bleep Do We Know?!” is how the bleep did it survive theatrically for a year and then spawn a conference?

Though overlooked during awards season, New Age indie pic “What the Bleep” has managed to keep its theatrical release going for more than a year; it recently crossed the $10 million mark.

And on Feb. 4-6 at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica, 600 to 800 fans will “deepen their understanding of ideas and concepts put forward in the film” as they hear pic participants speak.

Samuel Goldwyn Films’ prexy Meyer Gottlieb says he sees the film as part of a worldwide interest in New Age themes that generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from books, videos and conferences. A core of the film’s strength, he adds, is in repeat business.

“This is the first film of any visibility to tap into that,” Gottlieb says. “There’s a sizable audience out there. We just have to do a better job of creating programming for them.”

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The pic’s DVD, skedded for release March 15, is ranked first among upcoming videos in Amazon.com’s Early Adopters ranking.

And “Bleep” may be inspiring a cottage New Age film industry. Jan. 29 saw the bow of “Indigo,” a fictional film about how a child with extraordinary spiritual powers (called “Indigos” in New Age circles) salvages a dysfunctional family.

Produced for $500,000 by Emissary Prods., pic played a Saturday morning show at 100 four-walled AMC theaters and at 613 other locations, mostly New Age churches.

Going into the weekend, producers had pre-sold an estimated 80,000 tickets.

Producers hope the weekend perf of “Indigo” leads to a more traditional theatrical distrib arrangement.