Indian pic bomb target

Incident prompts other theater owners to pull pic

MUMBAI — Bombs ripped through two theaters in the Indian capital, New Delhi, killing one and injuring more than 60 late Sunday.

The theaters were screening “Jo bole so nihaal” (He Who Takes God’s Name Is Happy), prompting exhibitors in other parts of the country to pull the film, which opened May 13.

Helmer Rahul Rawail’s pic angered the Sikh minority, whose religious leaders want it banned because it contains nudity and because of the title, which is based on a Sikh proverb.

Exhibitors in Mumbai, home to Bollywood, continued to run the film amid heightened security.

It was pulled from the northern Indian state of Punjab following violent demonstrations. The Punjab High Court also struck down two lawsuits against the pic, as the Indian Censor Board had given its approval.

The film has done badly at the box office but admissions went up on Monday, a fact attributed to the public holiday rather than increased interest caused by the bombings, according to Shyam Shroff, director of multiplex Fame Adlabs, Mumbai.

“Jo bole so nihaal” opened on May 13. Information was incorrect in an earlier version of this article.