DiCaprio pic to lense in S. Africa

World Brief

JOHANNESBURG — The subtropical coast of South Africa’s southeastern KwaZulu-Natal province will stand in for the west African state of Sierra Leone in Leonardo DiCaprio starrer “The Blood Diamond,” scheduled to start shooting at a coastal resort in the province on Feb. 4.

The Durban Film Office confirmed that pre-production for the Warner Bros. pic is under way at a South Coast resort in the province, although local co-producer Moonlighting Films (Ali) remained tightlipped, citing contractual secrecy obligations.

In “Diamond,” DiCaprio plays a smuggler who deals in conflict diamonds, which are commonly used to finance wars and rebellions in Africa.

Directed by Ed Zwick and written by Charles Leavitt, pic is set in 1999 Sierra Leone, a period when the country was engulfed in a vicious civil war.