There’s a new Spanish Armada.

Producers from Spain are looking in unprecedented numbers to the U.K. for co-prod and tax coin.

Unlike the Armada, they’re being received with open arms.

The latest lunge has come from Ibon Cormenzana’s Arcadia, Edmon Roch’s Ikiru, and Eva Baro and Antonio Sole’s ABS. All the companies are based in Barcelona.

The three companies have teamed on two projects each with Chris Curling’s U.K. based Zephyr Films and tax fund Ingenious Media.

Arcadia’s pics are “Purple America,” to be directed by Jorge Torregrossa, and the sci-fi tale “Anemos,” that will mark producer Cormenzana’s second feature film as a director after suicide drama “Jaizkebel.”

Roch will direct the English/Spanish-lingo “Garbo, el hombre que salvo el mundo,” (Garbo, the Man Who Saved the World), shooting from March. “A thriller documentary,” in Roch’s words, about the Barcelona-born Second World War double agent Juan Pujol.

Ikiru’s second project, the Spanish-lingo “La Luna en botella” (Moon in a Bottle), is a choral comedy directed by shorts filmmaker Grojo, with Domnique Pinon attached. France’s Passaro also co-produces.

Meanwhile, ABS is teaming with Zephyr and Ingenious on “Jungle Red,” an India-set Bollywood-style musical to be helmed by Antonio Eloy with music by Barry Adamsom (“Lost Highway”), and the urban thriller “Tandoor,” about gangs in a big European city, from a screenplay by Mike Hostench.