MADRID — In a pioneering move, the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries (ICIC) is launching an Audiovisual Development Center (CDA) next month.

The CDA will attack two prominent problems in Spanish filmmaking: screenplays that fail to achieve the promise of often inspired ideas and projects that ignore market realities and financing opportunities.

The CDA is a centerpiece of the new film and TV policy instituted by Xavier Marce, director of the ICIC Catalan film institute, the region’s main film and TV subsidy board, following the socialist victory in Catalan elections in November 2003.

The CDA will be directed by producer and development exec Pere Roca. As director of development at Filmax from 1999, Roca has been a key figure in the mini-major’s production of upscale genre pics that are, however, market-driven, chalking up wide international sales.

Projects brought to the CDA need a Catalan co-producer.

Per Catalan culture minister Caterina Mieras, who presented the CDA on Thursday in Barcelona, the CDA will offer screenplay counseling, training and information. Development will also include legal, financing and marketing mentorship.