Quinta pacts with Besson

Ben Ammar's post prod'n, lab facilities to relocate to Cite du Cinema

Paris based filmmaker and deal broker Tarak Ben Ammar is moving in with Luc Besson, the two announced in Cannes Saturday.

Those two and senior execs from Technicolor said that Ben Ammar’s post production and lab facilities will relocate to Besson’s $152 million Cite du Cinema, being built on the outskirts of Paris.

Ben Ammar’s Quinta has spent the past two years buying up a series of Gallic facilities, including prestigious digital firm Duran Duboi, Ex Machina and lab LTC.

He inked a pact with Technicolor eight months ago to bring down costs and grab a bigger slice of the market.

Besson hopes the site, which will be ready in 2007, will become France’s answer to the U.K.’s Pinewood. There is no single hub in the Gallic film biz, with production facilities spread out in myriad locations in and around the capital.

“Some $505 million are spent in Europe and only a tenth of that is spent in France,” Besson said. “But the desire of Americans for Paris is enormous.”

Tarak added: “We want to make this a one stop shop for filmmakers from Europe and elsewhere.”