Pub shifting hub

Regan book imprint heads to H'wood

NEW YORK — Celebrity book publisher Judith Regan, whose authors include Michael Moore, Amber Frey and Jenna Jameson, is moving her operation from Gotham to Los Angeles, where she plans to expand her brand in film and TV.

Move is part of a new five-year pact with News Corp.’s HarperCollins, which will increase its investment in Regan Media, including the publishing imprint ReganBooks.

“There is an amazing creative community in Los Angeles that is untapped on the publishing side,” Regan told Daily Variety, noting that close to half her authors live on the West Coast.

“Hopefully, we will have more day-to-day contact with people in the film and TV business,” she said.

Deal comes after a string of publishing successes, including high-profile books such as “Juiced,” by former slugger Jose Canseco; “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star,” by Jameson; “American Soldier,” by Gen. Tommy Franks; and “A Deadly Game,” by talkshow host Catherine Crier.

Imprint has had four No. 1 New York Times bestsellers and 12 reaching the list so far this year.

Regan created and produced A&E’s “Growing up Gotti,” and a series based on Robin Lynn Williams’ tale of young Hollywood strivers, “The Assistants,” was picked up by NBC. A&E recently ordered up 40 more episodes of “Gotti.”

Regan is planning her own return to TV as host of a talkshow; she hosted “That Regan Woman” for eight years on the Fox network.

Books “The Dive” and “The Day the World Came to Town” are being made into feature films. “The Dive,” the story of a deep-sea diving couple, is being co-produced by Regan and James Cameron for 20th Century Fox.

Regan is producing “The Day the World Came to Town,” the story of a small town’s response to 9/11, with Kevin Misher for Universal Films. Six other film projects based on Regan-published books are in development, she said.

Regan, who turned the Fox commissary into a literary salon for an event last month, is shopping for office space in the L.A. area and hasn’t ruled out locating her venture on the Fox lot, at least for now.

Regan expects 20 of her 40 employees to move to Los Angeles by the end of the year, but she expects her L.A.-based staff to increase quickly as TV, film and merchandizing ventures multiply.