The Producers Guild of America has formed a strategic alliance with its Indian counterpart, the Film & Television Producers Guild of India, with the orgs touting the partnership as a way to understand each other’s markets and share information.

In a joint announcement, the groups said key issues include mutual cooperation, membership access, reciprocal delegations and informational screenings.

The partnership was originally conceived by a pair of Sony execs, Kunal Dasgupta, CEO of Sony Entertainment Networks in India and veep of the Film & Television Producers Guild of India; and Les Nordhauser, veep of production at Sony Entertainment Television, who’s an honorary PGA board member and a former VP of the PGA.

“American and Indian producers are natural allies, and this new alliance will provide a win-win situation for motion picture and television producers of both countries,” said Amit Khanna, prexy of the Film & Television Producers Guild of India.

PGA exec director Vance Van Petten said, “With this pact, the two guilds are committed to an open dialogue and exchange of information, which will lead to a stronger role for the producer in the worldwide industry.”

Pact was negotiated on the Indian side by secretary general Supran Sen and Anindya Dasgupta with PGA international committee reps Stuart Levy (chair) and William Stuart (vice chair).

The Los Angeles-based PGA has about 2,000 members.