The Producers Guild of America, which has been campaigning for tighter credits rules, has officially selected the producers to be credited for its nominated features and TV shows.

Selections designate those who would receive the kudos if the film and TV projects are lauded at the guild’s annual awards ceremony.

The org, which will present its nods Saturday at Culver Studios, announced the following credits for its Darryl F. Zanuck feature award: Michael Mann and Graham King for Miramax/Warner’s “The Aviator”; Richard N. Gladstein and Nellie Bellflower for Miramax’s “Finding Neverland”; John Walker for Disney/Pixar’s “The Incredibles”; Clint Eastwood, Al Ruddy and Tom Rosenberg for Warner’s “Million Dollar Baby”; and Michael London for Fox Searchlight’s “Sideways.”

The noms, based on voting by the org’s 2,000 members, are a closely watched indicator of Oscar sentiment. A significant number of PGA voters are Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences members; both AMPAS and the PGA have launched initiatives over the past five years to limit the number of credits per film to three.

The PGA is also planning to crack down on producer credits in TV but currently has no limit on the number.

Credited producers for the PGA’s Danny Thomas kudo for episodic comedy are Ron Howard & Brian Grazer, David Nevins, Mitchell Hurwitz, John Levenstein, Richard Rosenstock, Chuck Martin and Victor Hsu for Fox’s “Arrested Development”; Larry David, Jeff Garlin, Robert B. Weide and Tim Gibbons for HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm”; Michael Patrick King, John P. Melfi, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cindy Chupack, Jenny Bicks and Jane Raab for HBO’s “Sex and the City”; Bill Lawrence and Randall Winston for NBC’s “Scrubs”; Max Mutchnick & David Cohan, James Burrows, Jeff Greenstein, Jhoni Marchinko, Tim Kaiser and Alex Herschlag for NBC’s “Will & Grace.”

Producers for the Norman Felton trophy for episodic drama are Jerry Bruckheimer, Carol Mendelsohn, Anthony Zuiker, Ann Donahue, Jonathan Littman, Danny Cannon, Cynthia Chvatal & William Petersen, Naren Shankar, Josh Berman and Louis Milito for CBS’ “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”; Greer Shephard & Michael M. Robin and Ryan Murphy for FX’s “Nip/Tuck”; Alan Ball, Alan Poul, Robert Greenblatt & David Janollari, Lori Jo Nemhauser and Robert Del Valle for HBO’s “Six Feet Under”; David Chase, Brad Grey, Mitchell Burgess & Robin Green, Ilene S. Landress, Terence Winter, Henry Bronchtein, Matthew Weiner and Martin Bruestle for HBO’s “The Sopranos”; and John Wells, Alex Graves, Christopher Misiano, Llewellyn Wells and Neal Ahern Jr. for NBC’s “The West Wing.”

Producers credited on nonfiction noms: Jerry Bruckheimer, Bertram Van Munster, Jonathan Littman, Amy Chacon, Hayma “Screech” Washington, Evan Weinstein, Elise Doganieri and Scott Owens for CBS’ “The Amazing Race”; Mark Burnett, Conrad Riggs, Jay Bienstock, Kevin Harris, Katherine Walker, Jamie Caniffe, Bill Pruitt, Seth Cohen for NBC’s “The Apprentice”; James Lipton and Jeff Wurtz for Bravo’s “Inside the Actors Studio”; and David Collins, David Metzler, Michael Williams, Linda Lea and Lynn Sadofsky for Bravo’s “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” The PGA is examining an appeal of producers for ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

Producers for the David L. Wolper kudo for longform are Mike Nichols, Cary Brokaw, Celia Costas and Mike Haley for HBO’s “Angels in America”; Robert Cort & David Madden, Mike Drake and Eric Hetzel for “Something the Lord Made”; Andrew Benson for A&E’s “Horatio Hornblower”; Lionel Chetwynd, Stephanie Germain and Dennis A. Brown for A&E’s “Ike: Countdown to D-Day”; and Robert Halmi Sr., Martin Poll, Patrick Stewart & Wendy Neuss-Stewart and Dyson Lovell for Showtime’s “Lion in Winter.”

Producers for variety television are Joe Roth and Michael B. Seligman for ABC’s “76th Annual Academy Awards”; Dave Chappelle, Neil Brennan and Michele Armour for Comedy Central’s “Chappelle’s Show”; Maria Pope, Barbara Gaines, Rob Burnett and Jude Brennan for CBS’ “The Late Show With David Letterman”; and Lorne Michaels, Steve Higgins, Marci Klein, Michael Shoemaker and Ken Aymong for NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” Credits for the syndicated “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” are being appealed.

The PGA announced in October it had finalized its code for determining producer credits, with president Kathleen Kennedy asserting she expected several studios to sign on shortly to the code, which includes an arbitration process.

Friday’s announcement of the qualified producers for the Zanuck trophy left out three producers given the “produced by” credit on the films when shown in theaters — Sandy Climan and Charles Evans Jr. on “The Aviator” and Paul Haggis on “Million Dollar Baby.”