Barcelona’s Ovideo TV has struck a co-production deal with Argentina’s Patagonik Film Group, the country’s biggest film production and distribution outfit, to co-produce Roger Gual’s bittersweet comedy, “Remake.”

Pic is Gual’s first solo effort after the critically acclaimed and Spain B.O. sleeper “Smoking Room.”

Cast includes Spanish and Argentine thesps Juan Diego, Eusebio Poncela, Mercedes Moran, Gustavo Salmeron, Alex Brendemuehl, Marta Etura, Mario Poalucci and Juan Navarro.

Shooting begins June 20 in Barcelona. “Remake” looks set to ply the same nuanced character and social observance and mordant dialogue of “Smoking Room,” which was co-directed with Julio Wallovits.

“Remake” begins with two families’ returning to a country house, their commune home 30 years earlier.

The Ovideo-Patagonik “Remake” deal was brokered by its associate producer Michel Ruben, the former head of international affairs at Pedro and Agustin Almodovar’s El Deseo.

Accord is the first fruits of his work as a freelance producer based out of Happening Producciones, a Barcelona production, financing and consultancy company.

At Cannes, Ruben is also representing “Satanas” (Satan), a thriller turning on the real-life case of Colombian mass murderer Campo Elias Delgado and other cases of daily violence in Colombia.

“Satan” is a project at Tucan Producciones, the Colombian producer of “Maria Full of Grace.”