Scott Steindorff’s Stone Village Pictures has acquired remake rights to the 1955 French heist classic “Rififi” and will make a contemporized version starring Al Pacino and directed by Harold Becker.

Steindorff is planning to finance the film through the Stone Village Group, the route he is taking on the Leslie Caveny-scripted indie “Penelope,” which will star Christina Ricci and Reese Witherspoon.

Original “Rififi” was directed by Jules Dassin in France once he left the U.S. after finding himself on the Hollywood blacklist.

“Rififi” revolves around a career thief who, upon leaving prison, discovers his wife has left him. He returns to crime, plotting a daring jewelry store heist. Pic may best be remembered for a 30-minute robbery sequence that has no scripted dialogue or music.

Steindorff teamed with Frederic Golchan in a two-year quest to secure “Rififi” rights. They managed to get them all, down to the rights held by Dassin and the original book on which the film was based.

Both Steindorff and Golchan will be involved in producing capacities.

Pic would be the third collaboration between Becker and Pacino, after “Sea of Love” and “City Hall.”

Scott LaStaiti will co-produce.

Steindorff previously obtained rights to the Akira Kurosawa-directed “Ikiru” and set up a remake at DreamWorks scripted by Richard Price and to be directed by Jim Sheridan.