LONDON — Location filming in London rose 10% in 2004, making it the third busiest film production center behind Los Angeles and New York, according to Film London statistics released Wednesday.

With 10,683 shooting days in 2004, there are now an average of 30 crews in the capital every day of the year. Westminster remains streets ahead of other London boroughs in location activity.

At the moment, “Derailed,” starring Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston, plus Bollywood film “Red Mercury Rising,” as well as the usual helping of TV programs and ads are filming in the capital.

“This growth demonstrates that Film London is having a real impact,” said the org’s CEO Adrian Wootton. “With the support of the U.K. Film Council, mayor and the London Development Agency and the increased co-operation between the industry, London Boroughs and agencies, London is able to further develop its reputation as a world film city.”

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The U.K. Film Council and the London Development Agency established Film London in 2003 to promote and develop London as a major international filmmaking capital.