Korea’s WEB pacts with CAA

Distrib deals with tenper to develop projects, thesps

In yet another sign that Korea is getting showbiz savvy, producer-distrib-financier WEB is forming an alliance with tenpercentery CAA.

In forging ties with WEB plans to develop international projects and introduce its stable of Korean actors and filmmakers to the global market. 

CAA, in turn, will advise the Seoul-based company of potential co-production opportunities between Korea and the U.S.

Asian media players are becoming a growing part of CAA’s international business.

WEB hopes to incorporate aspects of CAA’s business model, eventually becoming a networking entity in the Asian marketplace covering all areas of media.

“We have witnessed the evolution of Korea into a major Asian entertainment hub and are pleased to partner with CAA to maximize synergies between Korea and Hollywood,” said company prexy-CEO Victor Hwang. 

“With the American success of Korean-born actors such as John Cho and Korean-produced projects like “The Charming Girl,” we know there is a growing Western appetite for Korean talent and filmmaking.”

In Korea, the entertainment business is structured radically differently than it is here in the U.S.

Actors generally only have managers, and filmmakers generally lack representation of any kind. 

WEB has retained producer Pliny Porter, former president of Julia Roberts’ Shoelace Productions, to consult and assist in forging strategic partnerships.

WEB has partnered with leading Korean talent management company Player Entertainment, which represents some of Asia’s top talent.

WEB’s investors include leading Korean biotech company EBT, formerly known as EnBio Technology, which is traded on the KOSDAQ.