Disney still orbits around LivePlanet

Baily, Affleck, Damon press forward with producing shingle

Disney has reupped LivePlanet for three years as the quartet of founding partners shrinks to a trio.

Sean Bailey, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will press forward with the producing shingle while Chris Moore, the on-camera tough guy in “Project Greenlight,” has ankled because he wants to be a film director.

Bailey will run point for LivePlanet and be the producer of a slate that includes five Disney projects, one a star vehicle for Affleck. The company has hired Working Title production exec Daniel Pipski as senior VP and promoted Michelle Nigro to director of development. Nigro began as Moore’s assistant on “American Pie 2.”

Formed in 2000, LivePlanet hasn’t yet produced a Disney film. Early credits include “Matchstick Men” and “Project Greenlight.” Latter heads from HBO to Bravo for a third season beginning in March that revolves around the making of the horror film “Feast.” LivePlanet and Wes Craven produced the resulting fright film, which Dimension will distribute.

Bailey said that after two years at the studio, LivePlanet is ready to give Disney its money’s worth. That includes the Bailey-scripted action-drama “Liberty,” about war that breaks out in San Francisco; “Nowhere Men,” a script by David and Peter Griffiths that will star Affleck; “Tron,” the Brian Klugman/Lee Sternthal-scripted re-imagining of the 1982 pic; and an untitled comic script by Adam Resnick about a therapist and a model American family.

With Beau Flynn, Tripp Vinson and Arnold Rifkin, LivePlanet’s Bailey is producing “Solace,” a New Line drama that has Bruce Willis attached to a script written by Bailey and Ted Griffin. Bailey and LivePlanet will also produce “Big Nasty,” a Don D. Scott-scripted space-set CGI animated musical at Sony; as well as the Universal project “Brat Farrar,” which will star Affleck.

Though Bailey said LivePlanet wasn’t formed to reteam the “Good Will Hunting” tandem of Damon and Affleck, he added that he is “eager in the next three years to get them writing and directing things for the company.”

While Damon has been on a movie hot streak, Affleck has been logging time at the word processor. He has adapted “Gone, Baby, Gone,” a book by “Mystic River” novelist Dennis Lehane, for producer Alan Ladd Jr. and Paramount. Affleck hopes to direct it.