Larry Clark has begun shooting the feature “Wassup Rockers.”

While photographing the cast of his earlier film “Ken Park” for a magazine, Clark discovered a group of Latino skateboarders from South Central Los Angeles who eschewed the gangbanger lifestyle in favor of their boards and punk rock.

“I got to know them and became fascinated by their lifestyle and the peer pressure they encountered because they didn’t like hip-hop, didn’t want to be gangsters and weren’t into drugs,” Clark said. “I’m using kids who’ve never acted before. It’s difficult, but there is a certain realism you get in moments that you wouldn’t otherwise.”

The film is being produced and financed by Henry Winterstern’s Capital Entertainment. Winterstern is producing with Kevin Turin. Sharon Stone is exec producer.

Clark wrote a screenplay for a largely improvised action-adventure in which the kids head to Beverly Hills to skateboard and then find themselves unable to get back home.

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“This will likely have an R rating, but I feel it can be a breakthrough for Larry because the story is more accessible to a wider audience than his earlier films,” Winterstern said.

They hope to have a rough cut ready for Cannes.

Clark will follow with “Shame,” a remake of the Neil Jordan-directed “Mona Lisa,” set up with StudioCanal. He is courting Rosario Dawson to star.

“I’ve written the screenplay with David Reeves, keeping the basic story intact but contemporizing it and setting it in New York,” Clark said.