Big Star unlocks Russia

Scherbakova, Margolis unveiled deal Wednesday

Cutting through the red tape in Russia and environs may soon get easier.

In a sign of the pickup, Russian-owned Big Star Entertainment is partnering with Britain’s Future Films to offer production and financial services in that region of the world.

Deal was unveiled Wednesday in Cannes by Big Star prexy-CEO Nataly Scherbakova and Future’s managing director Stephen Margolis.

The joint venture will tout one-stop shopping to companies with projects to shoot in Russia and the CIS.

“Given recent economic changes in the former Soviet Union, Russia and the CIS countries have become very desirable locations for film projects.

We encourage foreign production companies to look to here to shoot their next productions,” Scherbakova said.

Together, the two companies will assist in structuring the overall financing for projects, providing budgets, information and recommendations on locations, and organizing casting sessions.

Additionally, they will assist in dealing with bureaucrats and ensure that each project qualifies under the necessary co-production treaties.

“Russia features scenic location opportunities and underutilized studios, while offering inexpensive labor,” Margolis said.

The alliance will emphasize a Western approach to filmmaking, offering deals that are either location-based or in studio, in Russia or the other countries of the CIS.