‘Wally’ pitch in ballgame

Revolution playing ball with 'Ward'

Revolution is taking a swing at Bruce Nash’s baseball pitch.

Revolution has bought diamond-themed drama “To Wally Ward” from the reality TV mogul (“For Love or Money”) and his Nash Entertainment shingle.

Angelo Pizzo (“Rudy,” “Hoosiers”) is writing the screenplay from Nash’s original story. Nash will produce; Robert Kosberg (“Twelve Monkeys”) is exec producer.

Story concerns a down-and-out baseball fan who comes across a ball autographed by the 1957 Brooklyn Dodgers and inscribed “To Wally Ward.” The fan, determined to return the historic ball to its original owner, goes through a journey of self-discovery on his hunt for the mysterious Ward.

Nash is a lifelong baseball fanatic who’s been collecting autographs since he was a boy, never parting with any of them. Though this is no reality feature, Nash told Daily Variety the Wally Ward baseball really exists; he found it among Dodger Stadium’s memorabilia.

“It had Gil Hodges, Pee Wee Reese, all those great names on it. I held that ball in my hand and wondered how could Wally Ward let something that precious get away from him. Finally, I bought the ball, because I didn’t want to let it get away, and tried to find Wally Ward to give him back his baseball.”

He never did find Ward, or even figure out who the man was, but he penned a screen story inspired by his search, then enlisted Pizzo to write the script.

Knowing that Revolution topper Joe Roth and partner Todd Garner are both baseball fans, Nash brought them the pitch. They bought it the next day.

Nash said he’s long dreamed of making a top-notch baseball movie. “I hope we get this movie made and we find the real Wally Ward and I get to give him the ball at the premiere.”

Nash has several movie projects in development at various studios, including a basketball comedy at Paramount, in partnership with Walter Latham.

Nash also has an untitled feature at Warners, with Jon Chu attached to direct, and a comedy at Ivan Reitman’s Montecito Films.

“To Wally Ward” is the first Nash Entertainment pic to be sold without a partner.