New Line takes on ‘We3’ killer cuties

Studio takes on killer comic cuties

New Line Cinema is bringing an unlikely group of cyberassassins to the bigscreen: a dog, a cat and a bunny.

Mini-major is in negotiations to pick up the rights to “We3,” a miniseries from Time Warner sibling DC Comics via its Vertigo imprint.

Comic concerns three household pets stolen by the government and turned into armor-suited killers by a clandestine military program. The lethal trio of furries escape just prior to being “decommissioned” and decide to find their way home with the government in hot pursuit.

Insiders describe the tale as “Homeward Bound” meets “The Terminator.”

Don Murphy is producing the pic with his AngryFilms shingle along with Susan Montford and Rick Benattar.

“We3” was created by writer Grant Morrison, who penned “Sleepless Knights” for DreamWorks, and artist Frank Quitely. New Line is in negotiations with Morrison to pen the script.

If the project goes forward, it would be a rare effects-heavy pic for the mini-major, as the animals would be entirely computer generated.

New Line execs Jeff Katz, Mark Ordesky and George Waud are overseeing the project.