Miramax barrage set for late summer

Rudnitsky goes with Weinsteins

Bob and Harvey Weinstein will be taking Miramax distrib chief Mike Rudnitsky with them when they move to their new company after Sept. 30.

Meanwhile, Miramax and Dimension will release nine films in August and September, including such high-profile pics as “Proof,” “An Unfinished Life” and “The Brothers Grimm.” While that makes for a crowded sked, it allows the brothers to oversee the marketing and distribution before they leave.

In a statement, the Weinsteins said, “Mike has been key to our box office success at Miramax and we look forward to continuing to work with him for many years to come.”

Rudnitsky has been a senior exec VP at Miramax since 1999 and joined the company in 1997 after stints at Columbia, 20th Century Fox, Triton Films and Cannon Pictures.

The Weinsteins, who have not settled on a moniker for their new endeavor, announced release dates on Wednesday for the first 14 films from their company (Daily Variety, May 26).

On Thursday, there were plenty of release date shifts on the Miramax side as a number of remaining films were pushed to berths just before the Weinsteins leave Miramax on Sept. 30.

Miramax’s crowded late-summer schedule now calls for the wide release of “Underclassman” and limited debut of “Secuestro” on Aug. 5, followed by the wide release of “The Great Raid” on Aug. 12. On Aug. 26, Dimension’s “The Brothers Grimm” goes out wide.

On Sept. 9, the label has set two limited releases, “An Unfinished Life” and “Curandero.” A week later come “Proof,” “The Libertine” and “The Reaper,” the latter in wide release.

Release dates are never written in stone, and some industry observers doubt all nine titles will find releases on these days.

In part, the quick crush of titles before Sept. 30 is a product of the dilemma facing the Weinsteins: Do they personally oversee the marketing and releases of the pics they’ve developed and produced, or leave the projects (and the talent involved) to be handled by whatever new regime Disney puts in place at Miramax?

Plans now are for the former. A Miramax rep said the Weinsteins are confident they can give each pic the attention it deserves: “Our track record shows we are good at multitasking.”