Last year, director Terry Gilliam brought three minutes of “The Brothers Grimm” to Cannes. On Friday, he and Miramax Films/WeinsteinCo. head Harvey Weinstein showed 20 minutes of the pic. “At this rate,” Gilliam said, “in about four or five years, you’ll see the finished film.”

There might be reason to worry: “Grimm” began shooting two years ago and it’s still not done, although Gilliam said he plans to get it out of final post-production within a month. He’d better hurry. Weinstein said the film would go out on more than 2500 screens in mid-August with “one of the biggest P&A spends in our history.”

As to why it took so long, Weinstein blamed the delay on the budget: He said the movie should have cost $150 million, but the Dimension Films-MGM co-pro had only $75 million to spend.