1956: Glancing at Gable, Reynolds for rent

Jan. 20, 1956

Clark Gable was lunching with Perlberg and Seaton at Paramount yesterday — and he wasn’t over there strictly to munch on Marathon St. You can bet he’ll be “Teacher’s Pet.” (And indeed, Gable did go on to star in the George Seaton-directed film, written by Fay and Michael Kanin and co-starring Doris Day, Gig Young and Nick Adams. Gable played a city editor and, along with an assortment of press from around the country portraying themselves, I had a scene alone with Gable. That’s one for the memory book — a scene with Clark Gable!)… UI’s borrowing Debbie Reynolds for “Tammy Out of Time.” It will go before her RKO starrer with Eddie Fisher. Matter of fact, it’ll keep her busy while he’s on tour for Coke … Irony dept.: Donald O’Connor did Russell Nype’s role in the film version of “Call Me Madam,” but UI nixed Nype for the O’Connor role in the “Francis” series. Mickey Rooney takes over … Mae West’s new act goes into action April 4 at the Latin Casino in Philly, then the Latin Quarter in New York, continuing across country until her August date in Las Vegas … Dewey Martin, of course, ringside for Peggy Lee at the Sands. Also there, stag, Hank Fonda. La Lee had a turnaway crowd — and on a Wednesday, yet.