Swede Bugs bag ‘Heaven’

'Dalecarlians,' 'Brown' take the gold

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STOCKHOLM — Box office hit “Dalecarlians” and black comedy “Four Shades of Brown” swept the Swedish Film Institute’s Golden Bugs on Monday night, shutting out “As It Is in Heaven,” which is nominated for the foreign-language film Oscar.

“Brown” and “Heaven” both received eight nominations but “Heaven” did not win a single award.

“Brown” nabbed honors for director Tomas Alfredson, actor Robert Gustafsson, actress Maria Kulle and supporting actor Ulf Brunnberg.

“Dalecarlians” nabbed the film nod plus prizes for actress (Kajsa Ernst) and script (Maria Blom).

“Heaven” helmer Kay Pollak can seek consolation in the fact that his film is the biggest Swedish hit in recent memory, with ticket sales closing in on 1.2 million.

Awards ceremony was the center of an industry spat after Gunnar Bergdahl, former leader of the Gothenburg Film Festival, heavily criticized the jury in an article, claiming that some members had confessed to not seeing all the films they voted for.

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Swedish Film Institute managing director Ase Kleveland disputed the allegation.

That “Brown,” an ensemble piece, had two leading actor noms also was questioned afterward.

The evening’s biggest applause came when vet thesp Sickan Carlsson, who will be 90 in August, was awarded the honorary Golden Bug.

And the winners are…


Tomas Alfredson, “Four Shades of Brown”

Robert Gustafsson, “Four Shades of Brown”

MariaKulle, “Four Shades of Brown”

Supporting actor
Ulf Brunnberg, “Four Shades of Brown”

Supporting actress
Kajsa Ernst, “Dalecarlians.”

Maria Blom, “Dale-carlians”

Jens Fischer, “The Queen of Sheba’s Pearls”

Sofia Lindgren, “The Ketchup Effect”

Eddie Axberg and Lars Liljeholm, “The Queen of Sheba’s Pearls”

“The Arm-wrestler From Solitude,” Lisa Munthe, Helene Ahlsson

“Glenn, the Great Run-ner,” Anna Erlandsson

Foreign film
“The Return,” Andrej Zvjagintsev

Ingmar Bergman prize
Mikael Persbrandt

Honorary Golden Bug
Sickan Carlsson