The Producers Guild of America has announced expansion of its year-old strategic relationship with computer-chip giant Intel Corp.

The org said Saturday’s 16th annual PGA Awards at Culver Studios will be hosted for the first time by Intel. As part of the evening’s program, Revelations Entertainment partners Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary will present a video presentation of the recently debuted “Open House.”

“Just as technology has revolutionized the music industry, the same is rapidly happening in the film industry,” said Kevin Corbett, vice president and chief technology officer, Intel’s Digital Home Group. “By teaming up with the PGA, Intel and the top producers can create new business opportunities in the digital home.”

Intel already sponsors the PGA’s Vanguard Award, which will be presented at the PGA Awards to Terry Semel of Yahoo! in recognition of “outstanding achievement in new media and technology.”

“It’s been the great privilege of the Producers Guild to have enjoyed the ongoing support of a company such as Intel,” PGA exec director Vance Van Petten said. “Producers, if they are to succeed, must be vigilant in their self-education, constantly seeking out new trends, new technologies and new ways of creating and delivering their product.”