Who: Kate Beckinsale

What: The Aviator

Why: Ava Gardner was one of the most beautiful actresses in movie history and Beckinsale’s portrayal left little or no drop off.

Who: Kate Bosworth

What: Beyond the Sea

Why: As Sandra Dee, Bosworth played the young actress who was taken under Bobby Darin’s spell. And her naivete worked well in contrast to Spacey’s grand overtures.

Who: Julie Christie

What: Finding Neverland

Why: Won an Oscar an astonishing 39 years ago for “Darling” and her talents remain as relevant today. Could easily be a sentimental — and worthy — choice here.

Who: Minnie Driver

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What: The Phantom of the Opera

Why: In opera, rock or pop, divas never fail to bring their self-absorption to the stage and Driver’s look-at-me Carlotta was selfish to a fault.

Who: Irma P. Hall

What: The Ladykillers

Why: It’s not often that the Acad recognizes comedies but Hall’s deadpan perf is worthy of an exception.

Who: Cloris Leachman

What: Spanglish

Why: James L. Brooks gave Leachman the film’s the best one-liners and the “Mary Tyler Moore” vet delivered the barbs with panache.

Who: Maia Morgenstern

What: Passion of the Christ

Why: Swelled up plenty of tears watching her on-screen son receive a sickening amount of abuse.

Who: Sandra Oh

What: Sideways

Why: While Virginia Madsen gets plenty of the Oscar buzz — and rightfully so — it would be wrong to overlook Mrs. Alexander Payne’s contributions.

Who: Gena Rowlands

What: The Notebook

Why: Handled playing an Alzheimer’s patient with class. Voters whose lives have been touched by the disease may feel an extra emotional tug.

Who: Kate Winslet

What: Finding Neverland

Why: Debra Winger set precedent when she received a nom as a dying mom.