Who: Alec Baldwin

What: The Aviator

Why: His calm and collective demeanor was in perfect contrast to Leonardo DiCaprio’s perf as a mentally unstable icon.

Who: David Carradine

What: Kill Bill Vol. 2

Why: Though the pic came out back in April, Carradine shouldn’t be forgotten as was both the perfect mentor and foil to the Bride.

Who: Phil Davis

What: Vera Drake

Why: Provided rock-solid support for on-screen wife Imelda Staunton when the law finally caught up to her.

Who: Mos Def

What: The Woodsman

Why: A ton of terrific perfs in this film, including Def as a parole officer who won’t give Kevin Bacon a chance to repent.

Who: Jamie Foxx

What: Collateral

Why: The only reason Foxx isn’t a lock here is because he’s a lock for “Ray.”

Who: James Garner

What: The Notebook

Why: Garner, 76, is an old pro whose only Oscar nom came 18 years ago for “Murphy’s Romance.” It might be time for another.

Who: Topher Grace

What: In Good Company

Why: One of the most talented young stars on the rise, his charm here could woo any hardboiled voter.

Who: Jude Law

What: Closer

Why: Of all the films Law appeared in, this one should stick in the consciousness of voters more than the others.

Who: John Lithgow

What: Kinsey

Why: A very small role time-wise, but pivotal to the drama. Provided the backstory as to how much Kinsey’s stern upbringing affected the sex researcher throughout his life.

Who: Gabriel Macht

What: A Love Song for Bobby Long

Why: While Travolta has the much flashier role, Macht’s tenderness with Scarlett Johansson are the best moments of the pic.