Actor: Comedy/musical

Golden Globe nominations

in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”
How he got here: With so much competition this year he may be heading to another disappointing Oscar nomination day, but Carrey can always count on support from the HFPA. A previous Globe victor in drama (“The Truman Show”) and comedy (“Man on the Moon”), as well as a nominee for “The Mask” and “Liar Liar,” he can do no wrong as far as Globe voters are concerned. With “Eternal Sunshine” he has reversed the curse of an early release date and found himself in contention for perhaps his most challenging role yet — a tortured soul trying to erase his girlfriend from his memory.

in “Ray”
How he got here: Without question, the breakthrough story of this year’s Globes, Foxx landed a record-breaking three nominations for “Ray,” “Collateral” (supporting actor) and “Redemption” (TV movie or miniseries lead). But it was his interpretation — some might even say impersonation — of Ray Charles that has him leading
the pack.

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in “Sideways”
How he got here: Giamatti rarely drew recognition in his previous character roles but “Sideways” has changed all that. “Can you picture anyone else doing this role?” asks one voter. “You either like him as this frustrated, miserable writer, or you don’t. I did.” On top of last year’s critical darling “American Splendor,” Giamatti is now more in the mainstream.

in “De-Lovely”
How he got here: The movie was well received in June when it screened for the HFPA, but apparently there was no room to nominate it in the best pic comedy or musical category. Recognizing its performances, particularly the man who brought Cole Porter to life, was the next best thing. Kline’s versatility in the role impressed voters, while his solid vocal work on the classic Porter songbook also underscored his perf.

in “Beyond the Sea”
How he got here: Although he’s a two-time Oscar winner for “The Usual Suspects” and “American Beauty,” Spacey is a two-time Golden Globe loser as well. Writing, directing, producing and starring in the life story of Bobby Darin could be his ticket to reverse his Globe luck. By the way, he also did all his own singing too. Spacey has the dream role of his lifetime, the one he’s wanted to play for 15 years.