The American Cinema Editors have opted for a mix of major studio vehicles and indie features in selecting nominations for their top feature awards, to be presented Feb. 20 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Noms in the feature drama category went to Thelma Schoonmaker for “The Aviator”; Jim Miller & Paul Rubell, for “Collateral”; Matt Chesse, “Finding Neverland”; Sally Menke, “Kill Bill Vol. 2”; Virginia Katz, “Kinsey”; and Joel Cox for “Million Dollar Baby.” Schoonmaker won an Academy Award for “Raging Bull” and Cox received an Oscar for “Unforgiven.”

Noms in the feature comedy or musical category went to Julie Monroe for “De-Lovely”; Valdis Oskarsdottir for “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”; Stephen Schaffer for “The Incredibles”; Paul Hirsch for “Ray” and Kevin Tent for “Sideways.” Hirsch won an Oscar for “Star Wars.”

Documentary noms went to Kurt Engfehr, T. Woody Richman and Chris Seward for “Fahrenheit 9/11”; Sabine Krayenbuhl for “My Architect” and Paul Crowder for “Riding Giants.”

In the half-hour TV series category, noms went to Steve Sprung for “Arrested Development”; Michael Berenbaum & Wendey Stanzler, “Sex and the City”; and Peter Chakos, “Will & Grace.” Berenbaum also scored a nom for one-hour series for “Desperate Housewives,” along with Phil Neel for “Boston Legal” and William Stitch for “The Sopranos.”

Noms for miniseries or telepic went to Richard Halsey for “Coast to Coast”; John Smith for “The Life and Death of Peter Sellers” and Michael Brown for “Something the Lord Made.”