ABC News woos docus

Alphabet takes a look at online courtship

ABC News will explore the culture of online dating in a long-rumored documentary series to air this summer.

Series, produced under the working title “Hooking Up,” follows the lives of several women as they navigate the online dating scene, following them through relationships that begin and end at Internet speed and exploring how technology is altering the social mores around courtship.

Series will be offered to the network as five one-hour or 10 half-hour segments. Though not skedded, or even officially named, the series will be ready to air by early July.

Producer is Terence Wrong, who created ABC’s acclaimed “24/7” series, including “Boston 24/7,” “Hopkins 24/7” and “NYPD 24/7,” which explored the legal, medical and law enforcement fields.

Wrong has wanted to delve into the online dating world for several years; project was greenlit about a year ago by ABC News senior veep Phyllis McGrady.

He decided to focus the series on women because they have fueled the membership growth of online dating firms over the past three years.

While some online hook-ups do evolve into long-term relationships, even marriages, a recurring theme is how quickly, and cruelly, the typical online relationship begins and ends.

“They do drop each other very hard and very abruptly,” Wrong said. “I’m interested in the way the normal civilities of life are affected.”