Talent reps

Who's representing who in the gaming biz

The major agencies continue to expand their presence in the videogame world, though each is taking a different path:

Game agents:
Seamus Blackley and Larry Shapiro
High-profile deals: Connecting Alex Garland and Microsoft to write a screenplay for a “Halo” movie without a studio; Sean Connery voicing James Bond in EA’s “From Russia With Love”
Strategy: The only agency that reps developers in deals with publishers and Hollywood, including big names like Will Wright; connecting talent to games

Game agents:
Holly Geithman and Rob Sebastian
High-profile deals: Vin Diesel’s acting-producing deal for last year’s “Chronicles of Riddick” game; Jessica Alba and Michael Chiklis for the “Fantastic Four” adaptation
Strategy: Building long-term businesses for clients in games, like Diesel’s Tigon Studios; only agency with a rep in Washington near Microsoft and Nintendo; connecting talent to games

Game agents:
None, though former vidgame rep Keith Boesky consults
High-profile deals: “Prince of Persia” creator Jordan Mechner is co-writing the film version of the game; Bill Conti is scoring EA’s “Godfather” game
Strategy: Connecting talent to games

Game agents:
Jon Epstein and Brent Weinstein
High-profile deals: John Singleton’s deal for the “Fear and Respect” videogame at Midway and movie at Par; Jim Carrey voice performance in “Lemony Snicket” adaptation
Strategy: Only agency with a rep dedicated to game marketing deals, based in San Francisco; connecting talent to games

William Morris
Game agent: Cody Alexander
High-profile deals: First overall deal for game writers with scribes Corey May and Doomah Wendschuh at Ubisoft; Randall Wallace’s Wheelhouse Prods. is co-developing a new real-time simulation title for a major publisher

Strategy: Connecting talent and corporate clients to the game industry