Google coy on extent of vid content

Netco delivers much more than promised

Turns out Google was a bit shy about how much Hollywood content it’s including in its new TV search product.

Announcing Google Video on Tuesday, company disclosed only that it will include still images and text from four partners: PBS, Fox News, C-SPAN and the NBA.

But it turns out the service includes a whole lot more. Searches conducted Tuesday on Google Video revealed it includes content from all six major networks, ranging from “60 Minutes” on CBS to “Gilmore Girls” on the WB to “The Parkers” on UPN.

Apparently, the Netco has been recording programs via satellite and other means from the nets for several months and archiving them for its new product.

Reps declined to comment on the practice, but a source at Google said the company has only talked to some content owners thus far and didn’t want to publicly discuss the inclusion of shows for which it hasn’t yet obtained permission.

Google is confident, source added, that it’s well within its rights to provide still images and excerpts from closed-captioning text regardless of whether the content owner approves.

Adding streaming video, as Google hopes to do in the near future, will most likely require content owners’ approval, however, especially if the search giant hopes to monetize it with ads.

Company’s already hard at work getting that permission. Google Video director Jennifer Feikin is leading its first pilgrimage to NATPE, where she’s discussing the service with producers and studios.

(Yvonne Puig contributed to this report.)