Foundation 9 circles partner

Confusion takes hold of vidgame, film industry

Foundation 9, one of the largest independent game developers in North America, has bought a minority stake in production-management shingle Circle of Confusion, with an eye to develop movies and vidgames together.

Move marks the first time a vidgame company has officially invested in a film company in order to co-create content. Traditionally, film and vidgame companies license each other’s properties to adapt for their own uses.

The first two projects the co-venture will focus on are the graphic novel “Giant Killer” and the upcoming PSP title “Death, Jr.”

“Giant Killer,” created by Dan Brereton (whose comic series “The Psycho” is being developed into a film at Universal), is being developed as a vidgame and will ultimately be shopped as a feature film.

“Death, Jr.,” which will be released for Sony’s PSP in July, is in development as a film. A comicbook based on the game is forthcoming.

“Cementing our relationship with Circle of Confusion enables us to bring our publishing partners access to some of the top creative talent in the industry, as well as giving us the ability to create original concepts that extend beyond the videogame industry,” said Foundation 9 CEO Jon Goldman.

Circle of Confusion’s client roster includes the Wachowski brothers, Simon Kinberg (“Mr. and Mrs. Smith”) and Brian Michael Bendis (“Powers,” “Jinx”). Recent projects the shingle has set up at studios include U’s “Jinx,” with Charlize Theron attached to star; and “Eddie Dickens and the Awful End,” which Francis Lawrence is directing at Warners.

Created by the recent merger of Backbone Entertainment and the Collective, Foundation 9 develops games for all platforms and genres. Forthcoming titles include “Marc Ecko: Getting Up Contents Under Pressure” and a game based on “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith,” both from Collective.