Fox homevid marketeers aren’t shying away from “Kinsey’s” sexual subject matter for its disc debut.

Last week, Fox sent out the ultimate home viewing companion for such frank fare: “The Joy of Sex.”

The latest edition of the ’70s how-to guide (Crown Books) matches Alfred Kinsey’s matter-of-fact approach to all matters sex; it includes updated illustrations of various lusty positions, along with sections addressing AIDS.

Shipped in a regular overnight mailer (not a brown wrapper), the tome is the first big media tease for the May 17 release. “We’re just being provocative,” Fox homevid’s Steve Feldstein admits.

Next up: “The Art of Sex,” an exhibit of artifacts from Kinsey’s private collection.

Studio marketing mavens culled through the sex researcher’s collection in Indiana for the exhibit, which will be feted May 16 at a West Hollywood gallery. Helmer Bill Condon will be on hand for the soiree, along with guests from the Kinsey Institute.

Meantime, members of the press can mull their own sex history, courtesy penetrating questions from the Institute that Fox helpfully included in the mailing.